Friday, November 22, 2013

It's Snowing at the North Pole!

The much anticipated second lesson the the Melissa Shirley Christmas Village has shipped.  Threads and beads arrived and were packed, the lesson is now on it's way to you.

First we tackled landscaping, fluffy beaded foreground trees and sparkling beaded trees in the background.

You knew there would be lots of beads on this canvas.  Aren't the fluffy trees just the cutest?   In my mind, these trees are huge so they can be very dimensional.

 This tree is far off in the sky so it needs to be much flatter.

Once the trees were complete we started with my favorite house the light green one on the left.  The roof is a candied confection of threads, special beads and trim.

Here's the entire village to date. 

It's starting to come to life.  Hmmm, what will be in the next lesson?

Until next time.
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