Saturday, December 14, 2013

She's baaaaack!

Kimberly Smith  (aka Kimberly Crum) and I go back a million years.  Back in the day we were both designing counted canvas work and being distributed by the same company.  Counted Canvaswork started to wane in popularity.  Time marched on, I started designing painted canvases, she moved a few times.  We always stayed in touch.

And now, a million years later, we are back together!  I am pleased to announce that Kimberly Smith is designing amazing needlepoint and I am distributing it!  You can order from your favorite LNS.  And if Bedecked and Beadazzled is your favorite LNS, you can order from us!  Here's the link for all currently available canvases.

Angie Angel

Blooming Heart


Camel Flowers


Austintatious Peacock

Santa Up Close

Colorful Shapes Mini Sock

Sun and Snow Mini Sock

Just a few pieces to start.  There's much more to come.  Amazing things are at the painter and many of the canvases will have stitchguides!  That's really the magic of Kimberly.  When she stitches a piece, she looks at it in a way that is unlike anyone else.  She invents stitches to fill the spaces and charts them out so yours will look just as amazing.  Stay tuned and watch for more from Kimberly.

If you check out her blog in the next few days she will be posting her stitched interpretations of a few of these pieces.  Stitchguides are that much closer!

So glad we are still designing, stitching friends after all these years!

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