Monday, December 30, 2013

What a Surprise!

Sorry for the late post.  Yesterday was the third lesson of the Christmas Birds class. We covered a few more sections of the background. 

I love these kinds of canvases where there are little areas of accomplishment along the road.  These are the kind I don't want to see end.

The purple and red sections have lots of beads.  You know I love that.  :-)  This is the same pattern and technique I used on the Pear Collage.  It's fun.  The background is filled with T Stitch or Diagonal Double Woven and the red circles and dots are beaded!

The lime green sections are a new pattern stitch that is filled with big Cross Stitches and Scotch Stitches and then embellished with sequins.  More sparkle!

And finally a little fun that harkens back to my days designing Counted Canvaswork.  The dark green square is filled with Amadeus Stitches. Pretty fun! 

There's more to do but we're over halfway there.  Next class is in two weeks. Maybe its time for another birdie to be stitched.

Speaking of little birdies.  Check out this bird that Santa brought me.  He was made for this canvas!

Santa really did bring it to class himself.  What a treat!  There was a knock at the back door.  Okay, there was pounding on the back door during class, caused us all to jump.  Then I heard the sleigh bells.  We don't have a chimney so Santa had to knock.

We let him in and the fun exploded.  It was so worth it for those who ventured out in the rain yesterday.

Santa was full of spunk.  He has been traveling and delivering for days. Just like UPS And FedEx he had to extend his holiday schedule a little.

There were gifts and hugs and smiles.

The gifts were for the ladies in class and their beloved furry friends!  Special cats and dogs got loving Santa treats when mom came home from stitching yesterday.

 What a treat!  Thank you santa for stopping by.  We were honored!

Here's the most special present from Santa.  A donation to a dog rescue fund in the name of Bedecked and Beadazzled!

It's going to be hard to top this day with lesson #4.  :-)

See you soon.


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