Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Those Eyes!

She had me with one bat of her eyelashes.

Look at those eyes!

I had to start with her face from there it is all easy, peasy.

This is the first lesson of the Why Fit In? Mystery With a Twist Class at Bedecked and Beadazzled!  I'm really pleased with how cute she is.

We are stitching this canvas in sections over a very extended period of time.  The first lesson is the bird without her head feathers.

She is really a lesson in the beautiful overdyes we have available today.  There are 3 overdyes used in her body and they just sing.  

Check out her tail feathers!  Love the colors here.  The sequins add a little glamor to our girl.

If you signed up for this class early, your first kit will be shipping this week.  It includes the canvas, the first stitchguide and this fabulous bag of threads!  Love the threads.  Love the bag! And check out the oh so cool magnet that brings it all together.

There are other go withs that you may have ordered or could request, it's not too late.  Here's the matching snap tray.  This one is uber cool.  The feather in the corner not only has crystals but it has been lovingly cut so it has nap.  It's soft and yummy.

There are also two choices of fobs.  Not just one but two!  The first shown below uses the charm from the magnet and has beautiful lampwork beads and a lobster claw for attaching to your scissors.  It was designed by fob friends.

This fob also uses the same charm but was made by zecca.  Karen herself agreed to make us the wonderful pod bead and attach it to the fob.  These are strung on a loop of jewelry wire that easily hitches onto your scissors.  Or think out of the box.  It makes a great needle threader or charm for on your project bag. 

I mentioned this is project that will be ongoing over an extended period of time so it's not too late to join us.  More canvases are on order.

See you soon.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Radiant Orchid

Doesn't the name just make you feel all warm and happy? Particularly when it is cold and gray and January...

Each year pantone, the color authority of the world, selects a color of the year.  This year, the color is Radiant Orchid.

Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health.  Doesn't that just sound yummy?

Last year was Emerald, symbolizing growth.  Previous years have been equally pretty.

Radiant Purple is my kind of color.  It's joyous.  It's a color used a lot in my house.  I have all shades of purples and lavenders and fuchsias and limes.  No blue, no brown, just colors that make me happy.  All clear colors.  I learned a few years ago how much color affects my mood.  Those trendy neutrals make me almost suicidal in very short order and lets not even discuss the calming colors they paint hospitals.  They are certain to put me in a coma.  I'm different. 

I do love radiant orchid and it's a hard color to find.  Here's our picks of the yummiest radiant orchids we could find.

 And a few canvases that could easily handle some radiant orchid threads.

 This is one of my designs, the Stitching Bee

from Jelly Bean Stock for the holidays.

I'm sure there's a million more plus a few in your stash.  Happy stitching.

Here's to a radiant 2014.


Thursday, January 23, 2014


I currently have 3 volumes of Stitches books available to make your stitching life easier.  The 4th is in the works!

All are available as real honest to goodness books with large full page diagrams at your local needlework store and at Bedecked and Beadazzled.

They are also available as iphone/ipad apps so that you will have them with you 24/7 wherever you go.  Have you ever been in a class and wanted to know how to do a stitch but the diagram wasn't available?  Here you go.  All in one spot on your iphone or ipad.

Download the apps here.  This is the quirky technology thing.  You can download the apps direct from you iphone to your iphone easy peasy. 

If you would like to use them on your ipad please go to itunes on your computer.  Yes, you really have to use a computer.  Download there and sync to your ipad.  If you try to download direct to your ipad it doesn't work because it's not an ipad app.  It's an apple thing.  Once you sync to your ipad, simply hit the little 2X button and you will have large clear diagrams. 

Have fun and keep stitching!

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Start of Something New!

Time goes so fast when Brenda Hart is here.  We have such a good time.  Everyone gets their time with Brenda to discuss stitches and threads.

Palma, self professed collage-aholic is starting her next collage by Lani, the beautiful wine collage.  Lots of beads and metallics and Palmas new favorite thread, Silken Straw.

Carol is working on my Little Mermaid canvas. She's stitched 3 others already.  I'll post those soon.  Thanks, Carol for bringing my designs to life.

Brenda is very patient and willing to demonstrate stitches whenever we need.  She loves Cast-on stitches.  We don't so we need lots of demos on that one.

This is a Zecca canvas that my mom is stitching.  She's my most reluctant model, but Emily got her picture.  Yay, Em!

This is an older Joy Juarez canvas that is just stunning.  The bottom pattern will be covered in Alicia's Lace.  Simple and elegant.  And quick!

Kathy is stitching two of the small Leigh Carnival masks.  Brenda has all kinds of great ideas.  The feathers will be strings of beads couched in place.  So cool!

Remember those cast on stitches?  Well, they make the most beautiful edging on this very special cake.

Marie Antoinette not only has the start of very scrumptious cakes but her padded bra is fast appearing.  Makeup pads make great padding.

Don't you just wonder what Susan is tormenting Brenda about?

So, if one collage is good, two is better, right? It's not really a collage but it almost feels like it.  Palma started with one too and since Linda had it also they tag-teamed Brenda.

All in all we had a fun, creative, inspiring weekend.  We are lucky that Brenda comes to visit.

We'll see her again in April!  Can't wait.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

And we're off and running

Brenda Hart is here and we're having a great time already.

For those of you who know Brenda know she is already complaining about the cold.  What was she thinking.  It's January.  Of course it is cold here. :-)

She has to be good or there will be no Birthday shopping trip to Nordstrom.

Palma is here too and brought her finished Lani Seaside Collage.  She started this with Meredith Willet a few months back.  Yes, she is a speedy stitcher!

Enjoy the photos!

This is off to the table maker now.  It's going to be gorgeous!!!

Thanks for sharing, Palma.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Must Haves

We must have our toys and trinkets.  That's what it's all about.  What better to capture our attention on this dull and rainy day than new books and magnets!

Our dear friend Sheena has once again collaborated with Accoutrement Designs on an exclusive magnet.  They are available exclusively at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  How fun is that?

Foxes are available in pink or blue.  $16.00 each.

New books were released at the tradeshow this weekend.  You know we all love our books. These are two new must haves to add to your collection.

Julia Snyder delighted us with iBargello.  A full book with nothing but marvelous bargello patterns.  Even if you don't want to stitch an entire piece in bargello there are still fun things you can do with these stitches.  Consider a light coverage thread in a bargello pattern for a background.  The book will be here soon!

Carole Lake and Michael Boren the dynamic duo of Stitch Play Designs have released Painted Canvas Embellishment:  An Idea Book.  The book is certain to be as much fun as taking a class with them.  I can already hear them chattering.  Lots of ideas of stitches and where to use them on painted canvases.  Our preordered copies will be here Friday.

More fun stuff will be landing in the shop over the next few weeks.  Plus we will be launching new clubs very very soon.  So much fun!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Bluebird of Christmas

Does it really have to end? One more lesson and the Silly Christmas Birds will be complete.  I really am having too much fun.  Love stitching this piece.  Not too much of any one thing to thwart my teeny tiny attention span!

Today was lesson 4 of the Silly Birds Mystery Class.  We got a lot done.  The little Bluebird of Christmas is all fluffy and cute.

Red sections are simply Milanese, but it is a great stitch and one I rarely use.

I love the pink sections, they are a flower pattern in a beautiful overdyed silk.  That was one section I wanted to keep going. 

My real favorite part is the upper border.  The big poofy swags!  So fun.  They aren't done as of this lesson but they are well on their way.

Here we are, 4 lessons complete.  You know what that means.  Next lesson is the big green bird!

We have 3 weeks until the next lesson.  Can't wait to see what happens next.


P.S. Typo alert in instructions:  page 22, section title should read Pink Squares O not Pink Squares P.

page 23, bottom of page reads "Following the diagram on page 21"  should read following the diagram at right.  Sorry, about that.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Stitching Games 2014

Wow, 2014 already!  I know we've been here for 8 days but I am still wrapping my head around it.

One of the things that 2014 means is the start of Stitching Games 2014!

What is Stitching Games 2014?

Well, pop over to the group on Stitcherie.  Click here, and you can read all the fine print.  Stitching Games is a fun and different way to stitch a canvas.  Pick a canvas from your stash;  it must have at least 10 areas.  Each month KB will draw a clue from her extra special clue jar and post it on Stitcherie. 

Your job is to interpret that clue in relation to your canvas. Maybe the clue is Pearl. OK, that's easy white, pearly color or pearls on a necklace or pearls of wisdom or pearly white teeth or, well you get the idea. 

You stitch your interpretation of the month's clue and post it with your story on stitcherie.

It's so much fun to see what everyone stitches and read their stories.  Some are simple,  the clue is straight so I did the straight poles on my design others are from budding novelists and they have much to say.

Now, here's where it gets really fun.  There are prizes!  All the stitchers who complete their clue in a month have their names thrown in a hat for a drawing.  (It's a virtual hat but you get my point.)  Our favorite UPS delivery man, Sterling picks a winner each month and I mail you a prize. 

The winner gets a blingy magnet, our Stitching Games mascot. 

At the end of the year when all these amazing canvases are complete we then have the fun of a viewer's choice award for the winner.  More prizes!!!!

As if all of this isn't fun enough, we've had Stitching Games featured in Needlepoint Now magazine.  Yes, the current issue has an article about all the fun we had in 2013.  We're famous!

You know I like my go-withs so not only are there Smiley face magnets to win but you can order the original Stitching Games magnet here.  Isn't he just the cutest?

We also have matching scissor fobs in Yellow or Pink.

ryn, one of our special designers also designed a matching scissor case to complete the ensemble.  The chart is in the January/Fabruary issue of Needlepoint Now plus we have painted canvases for those who don't want to follow the chart.

We stitched ours in Splendor, Silk Lamé Braid and of course beads!!!!

We finished ours with a built in needle threader!  Canvas is available here.

So, smile on and stitch on.  Hope you will join us at the games.

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