Saturday, January 18, 2014

And we're off and running

Brenda Hart is here and we're having a great time already.

For those of you who know Brenda know she is already complaining about the cold.  What was she thinking.  It's January.  Of course it is cold here. :-)

She has to be good or there will be no Birthday shopping trip to Nordstrom.

Palma is here too and brought her finished Lani Seaside Collage.  She started this with Meredith Willet a few months back.  Yes, she is a speedy stitcher!

Enjoy the photos!

This is off to the table maker now.  It's going to be gorgeous!!!

Thanks for sharing, Palma.


MChandler said...

How absolutely beautiful!!

karen said...

Palma's work is always stunning.

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