Monday, January 20, 2014

The Start of Something New!

Time goes so fast when Brenda Hart is here.  We have such a good time.  Everyone gets their time with Brenda to discuss stitches and threads.

Palma, self professed collage-aholic is starting her next collage by Lani, the beautiful wine collage.  Lots of beads and metallics and Palmas new favorite thread, Silken Straw.

Carol is working on my Little Mermaid canvas. She's stitched 3 others already.  I'll post those soon.  Thanks, Carol for bringing my designs to life.

Brenda is very patient and willing to demonstrate stitches whenever we need.  She loves Cast-on stitches.  We don't so we need lots of demos on that one.

This is a Zecca canvas that my mom is stitching.  She's my most reluctant model, but Emily got her picture.  Yay, Em!

This is an older Joy Juarez canvas that is just stunning.  The bottom pattern will be covered in Alicia's Lace.  Simple and elegant.  And quick!

Kathy is stitching two of the small Leigh Carnival masks.  Brenda has all kinds of great ideas.  The feathers will be strings of beads couched in place.  So cool!

Remember those cast on stitches?  Well, they make the most beautiful edging on this very special cake.

Marie Antoinette not only has the start of very scrumptious cakes but her padded bra is fast appearing.  Makeup pads make great padding.

Don't you just wonder what Susan is tormenting Brenda about?

So, if one collage is good, two is better, right? It's not really a collage but it almost feels like it.  Palma started with one too and since Linda had it also they tag-teamed Brenda.

All in all we had a fun, creative, inspiring weekend.  We are lucky that Brenda comes to visit.

We'll see her again in April!  Can't wait.

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Sheena said...

Love Mary Antoinette! Palma is a news maker these days, keep them coming!

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