Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Those Eyes!

She had me with one bat of her eyelashes.

Look at those eyes!

I had to start with her face from there it is all easy, peasy.

This is the first lesson of the Why Fit In? Mystery With a Twist Class at Bedecked and Beadazzled!  I'm really pleased with how cute she is.

We are stitching this canvas in sections over a very extended period of time.  The first lesson is the bird without her head feathers.

She is really a lesson in the beautiful overdyes we have available today.  There are 3 overdyes used in her body and they just sing.  

Check out her tail feathers!  Love the colors here.  The sequins add a little glamor to our girl.

If you signed up for this class early, your first kit will be shipping this week.  It includes the canvas, the first stitchguide and this fabulous bag of threads!  Love the threads.  Love the bag! And check out the oh so cool magnet that brings it all together.

There are other go withs that you may have ordered or could request, it's not too late.  Here's the matching snap tray.  This one is uber cool.  The feather in the corner not only has crystals but it has been lovingly cut so it has nap.  It's soft and yummy.

There are also two choices of fobs.  Not just one but two!  The first shown below uses the charm from the magnet and has beautiful lampwork beads and a lobster claw for attaching to your scissors.  It was designed by fob friends.

This fob also uses the same charm but was made by zecca.  Karen herself agreed to make us the wonderful pod bead and attach it to the fob.  These are strung on a loop of jewelry wire that easily hitches onto your scissors.  Or think out of the box.  It makes a great needle threader or charm for on your project bag. 

I mentioned this is project that will be ongoing over an extended period of time so it's not too late to join us.  More canvases are on order.

See you soon.



Orna Willis said...

when i come back, i wanna come back as ruth! you have sooooo much fun!!

Ruth Schmuff said...

Only if I can come back as you! I aspire to your sense of color. xo

Anne Louise Greer said...

I love it and I cannot wait to receive my package!

Cleta said...

Package has arrived. Each item that I pulled out was more fun (and shinier!!) than the last! Can't wait to start on this one!

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