Friday, February 28, 2014

Threads: A Needle Necessity

Let me tell you a story.  One crazy Friday, I'm late to the shop.  Imagine that.  I'm running around there's much going on and these two lovely ladies stop in to see me.  They were on a road trip to visit us!  They had been in our Color Party Club and wanted to show me what they had done with it.

I was blown away!  They had taken Color Party to an entirely new dimension!  They had researched!  Say it isn't so :-)  They tested the threads and studied how they worked and researched the meaning of the colors.  All of this was in a huge 3 ring binder!  Wow.  I was so impressed, and honored.  They took what I started to the next level.

This wasn't the only thing they done.  They mentioned researching threads for another book.  What a book it is! I quickly saw the potential here and knew that their hard work was something you would love.  

Please allow me to introduce you to Jane Evans and Liv Weiss.  They are stitchers.  They love threads and colors and have used the threads just as you will.  They have spent untold hours compiling the details of all the popular threads on the market. They researched and cataloged not only the obvious details; yardage, manufacturer, composition and number of colors but they detailed their thoughts after stitching with the threads. How many plies gives the best coverage on various canvas counts?  Will this thread even work on my canvas? They have shared their unbiased opinions of the strengths and challenges of each of these threads. This is truly a labor of love.  And I do mean labor.

Their book is now at the printer and is available for preorder.  I expect books in the shop in 2 weeks. 

I am honored that they allowed me to publish the book for them and that I can introduce you to their talents.  The book is a handy 5.5 x 8.5 size with one page per thread and lots of additional useful information including a chart at the back that sums it all up.  There is also a quick reference guide that is a stand-alone gem, to carry with you wherever you go; always at your side to answer thread questions in a flash.

Consider the guidelines in this book a starting point when shopping for threads or looking for comparable substitutions. Remember these are just guidelines; most threads can be used on any count canvas depending upon the result you are trying to achieve. You can and should try more plies or less plies. Experiment and make your own notes based upon your stitching style.

We hope you will enjoy this book and find it useful for years to come. Yes, there will be new threads and new volumes but these are the threads that we believe are the staples of our industry and
never go out of style.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Ruth, Jane and Liv

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Count

How could I resist?  I saw this great big dimensional bat and knew he had to be ours for a club!  The canvases are designed by Tapestry Fair.  Remember Bastet, the egyptian cat?  With that collaboration in our history, you know this is going to be super fun.

This is a stuffed, dimensional bat.  11" tall!  So cool.

Look at those wings.  How fun are they going to be to stitch, bead and embellish.  You can join us and stitch just the wings and leave the cute little body to the finishers or you can needlepoint your heart out and have the coolest all needlepoint bat on the street!

The club starts April 2014.  The first month you will receive the canvases, the first stitchguide and all necessary threads, beads and embellishments for that lesson.

Each subsequent month you will be charged for the stitchguide and the additional threads, beads and embellishments.

Join the club for the complete bat by clicking here!
Join the club for the wings only by clicking here!

I hope you will join the fun.  I'm thinking lots of fun and funky embellishements!

Friday, February 21, 2014

New EyeCandy

Ada, the creative talent behind the EyeCandy Needleart line has certainly embraced her move to Texas. 

Brand new Texas themed designs, suitable for stitching and hanging on your Christmas tree or why not throw caution to the wind and leave them out all year!

And for those of your who loved Cardinal Joy, there are now 3 more darling bird ornaments to join the collection!

All of these canvases can be seen and ordered on our website by clicking here.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Southwestern Nativity

This post needs no words other than WOW!

You may know Palma from classes, this blog or facebook.

She is a wonderful stitcher with an amazing talent.

She brought in this nativity to share with us.  It's in the shop for a few more weeks and it is amazing.  Really worth a visit to see it.

The canvases are by Painted Pony.  No, there are not any stitchguides to recreate this artistry.  Palma stitches from the heart and embellishes with all sorts of treasures.

Palma, thanks again for sharing these with us.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Star of the Show

Who is the star of the show?

This little furball of course.  Look at that expression.

How could we resist her?  She is just so cute, she had to be a mystery class!

Today was the first day of our new mystery class at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  The canvas is by cbk needlepoint from an original by Michele Noiset. 

We stitched the fur on our little girl dog.  She needed to be perky and perfect.  She's 97% Long and Short with a little Stem Stitch and a little Tent Stitch thrown in for good measure and detail.

 Isn't she just the cutest?

 I started with the darkest shades in her fur, stitching them first.

 Working to the next shade, the purple.

Followed by the palest pink which is almost invisible stitched and in the photo.

The light lavender/blue finishes the shading.

While white brings it all together.

Now that she is stitched we can play with the background and their fashions!  Who is more of the fashionista?  The little girl dog or her mom?

For those of you in the class, your kits are on their way.

As always we have nothing if not the coolest go-withs to make your stitching even more fun.

Here's the latest and greatest snap tray, available for order.  How cute is this?  Carol, you have outdone yourself with cuteness on this one.

We have lots of choices of scissor fob/bag fobs for your delight.

Fobs with crystal bones.

Pet Shop fobs of all breeds sitting on glass beads.

Or why not a Dog on a Leash scissor fob.  The cutest yet!

Thanks for indulging me with all these photos tonight.  Next lesson for Walking the Dog is in two weeks!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Woodland Critters

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy thoughts, happy colors, happy patterns.  Just in time to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!


New super cute snap trays. Thank you Carol for creating these.  Love them! 

$40.00 each.  Supplies are limited.   Give us a call if you would like one.

And of course we can hook you up with a fox magnet in blue or pink or a cute little owl magnet to complete the ensemble.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Celebrate the Snow!

The snow gods are messing with us again.  We are supposed to get 6-10, 8-12, 5-6 inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow.  Who knows?

So, what better way to celebrate the snow and probably a snowday than with a brand-spankin new stitchguide of swirling snowmen!

This is a Ewe & Eye canvas, Warm Greetings, that has been waiting to be finished for a long time.  Thanks to my mom it is now stitched.

Each of the snowmen is filled with different stitches. Even the various snowballs that make up their bodies are different, but the stitches coordinate.

This was an odd canvas to choose stitches for.  Remember those rules that I always tell you, tiny stitches go back and big stitches come forward.  Well, based on that we should put big stitches on their faces and tiny stitches on the big snowballs that make their tummies.  That wasn't going to work....

The aerial perspective of this canvas takes all those rules and swirls them away.  However, big stitches do make things look bigger so that rule still applies.  The largest stitches are on their bottoms making them look even bigger!

 I love their hats.  Each hat is different and really the star of the show.

There's even a custom painted frame for this design should you decide to frame it to match mine.

Warm Greetings can be ordered here, or by calling us at 410.296.0405.  It won't be in your hands before the next snowfall but it just might keep the snow in the sky :-)

Sunday, February 09, 2014

What's Next?

We have a new Mystery Class starting next week at the shop, it's the Dog Walker by cbk. Classes will be February 16, March 2 and 16.  It will be here and gone before we know it.

So, the question is what's next?

I try to choose canvases for our classes that are different.  Different styles, different subjects, different artists.  Of course I ultimately still have to like the canvas, want to stitch it and want to live with it.  So there is a certain vibe even within this world of different styles.

Our next mystery is by none other than our newest artist, Shelly Penko.

This is the canvas that started it all.  I saw this painting online and the rest as they say is history.  I contacted Shelly and she agreed to allow me to reproduce her art as needlepoint.  You can read more about that here and you can order your canvases here.

Since I fell head over heels for the Bohemian Beauty she had to be a mystery class.  She is full of love and compassion and color!  And she's soon to be full of stitches and beads!  You know we need beads.

You can read all the details on the class here.  Classes will be April 13, May 4, June 1, 15 & 29 either in the shop or as an out-patient shipped directly to your stitching chair.

I hope you will join the fun.


Friday, February 07, 2014

New Designer. New Canvases!

It's so fun to find a new designer who's work you really love.

One day I stumbled on Shelly Penko from Austin Texas.  I fell in love with her colors.  Are you surprised?

Her work is beautifully painted and loving and quirky.  We chatted, and she agreed!

Six months later and we have canvases.

Just a few to start.  You can see them online here.

 Peace by Shelly Penko

 Sitting on top of the Wool by Shelly Penko

 Journey of Sisterhood by Shelly Penko

 Tender Heart by Shelly Penko

Rooster by Shelly Penko

Each is different than the others.  So many styles and themes, it was hard to pick the first grouping.

I think I may have to stitch the rooster.  I've never wanted a rooster canvas but this one speaks to me.  This means a stitchguide could be coming soon -ish.

Check out Shelly's site.  Don't be surprised at how many cool things she has, not only paintings but fabrics and bed linens and iphone cases.  All kinds of great items.  I want them all. 

Let me know what you might like to see translated into needlepoint and check back here Sunday for a little Shelly surprise!

You know I love surprises.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Random Acts of Winning

You may have heard a rumor or read an article in Needlepoint Now that Stitching Games 2014 is well underway.

This is like the Olympics for needlework with a few twists and turns.  Pick a canvas that you haven't already started stitching.  Register it at and wait for the clues to be drawn.  With each clue you are challenged to interpret that clue and how it works with your canvas.

There are also prizes.  Each month we have a drawing.  All the people who completed their clue are eligible to win.  The best UPS man ever and our dear friend Sterling has the honor of picking the winner.  Yesterday was the drawing.

 Sterling was most amused by how many players we have.  Look at all those names!

He carefully chose just the right folded piece of pink paper.

And the winner is, drum roll please..... Jan Rollins!  Jan, your prize will be in the mail tomorrow.

But wait!  That's not enough.  Let's have a Random Act of Winning.  Every so often when the spirit moves me there will be another winner.  This one isn't a drawing.  It's simply a reward to one of you for something unique.  No rules.  Just a surprise gift.

Our very first super special winner is none other than Logan Briggs!  Logan wins just for being Logan.  Logan is 8 and is perhaps our youngest player in the games!  He's setting the bar high in the cleverness department. 

The January 2014 clue was straight. 

Here's his interpretation.

"Hi, it's Logan Briggs here, While I picked out my canvas two weeks ago, I have been working on a stitch.  So here goes my story:  

I went to play with my favorite ball, then I saw an owl fly straight up in the tree. I said Hi Mr. Owl and he responded Hoot, Hoot Hoot, a straight three times.  I went straight inside to have a snack, which was a  cookie that was straight as a bat.  

Green is my favorite color, so I decided to start in the green area with a straight stitch.

Here is a picture of me holding my superman needlepoint."

Logan, your prize will be mailed to your Grandmother.  Check with her in a few days to see what you won!  I hope you like your prize and that you are having fun in the games.

If you would like to join the games or just see more of the fun, jump on over to  See you there!
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