Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Random Acts of Winning

You may have heard a rumor or read an article in Needlepoint Now that Stitching Games 2014 is well underway.

This is like the Olympics for needlework with a few twists and turns.  Pick a canvas that you haven't already started stitching.  Register it at and wait for the clues to be drawn.  With each clue you are challenged to interpret that clue and how it works with your canvas.

There are also prizes.  Each month we have a drawing.  All the people who completed their clue are eligible to win.  The best UPS man ever and our dear friend Sterling has the honor of picking the winner.  Yesterday was the drawing.

 Sterling was most amused by how many players we have.  Look at all those names!

He carefully chose just the right folded piece of pink paper.

And the winner is, drum roll please..... Jan Rollins!  Jan, your prize will be in the mail tomorrow.

But wait!  That's not enough.  Let's have a Random Act of Winning.  Every so often when the spirit moves me there will be another winner.  This one isn't a drawing.  It's simply a reward to one of you for something unique.  No rules.  Just a surprise gift.

Our very first super special winner is none other than Logan Briggs!  Logan wins just for being Logan.  Logan is 8 and is perhaps our youngest player in the games!  He's setting the bar high in the cleverness department. 

The January 2014 clue was straight. 

Here's his interpretation.

"Hi, it's Logan Briggs here, While I picked out my canvas two weeks ago, I have been working on a stitch.  So here goes my story:  

I went to play with my favorite ball, then I saw an owl fly straight up in the tree. I said Hi Mr. Owl and he responded Hoot, Hoot Hoot, a straight three times.  I went straight inside to have a snack, which was a  cookie that was straight as a bat.  

Green is my favorite color, so I decided to start in the green area with a straight stitch.

Here is a picture of me holding my superman needlepoint."

Logan, your prize will be mailed to your Grandmother.  Check with her in a few days to see what you won!  I hope you like your prize and that you are having fun in the games.

If you would like to join the games or just see more of the fun, jump on over to  See you there!


karen said...

Thank you, Sterling! Congratulations, Jan and Logan!

Mary Tod said...

Love your random act of winning, Ruth!! Congrats to Jan and Logan!

Elizabeth said...

Well deserved Logan! Congratulations to both you and to Jan.

Kelly Clark said...

Brava, Ruth!

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