Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Count

How could I resist?  I saw this great big dimensional bat and knew he had to be ours for a club!  The canvases are designed by Tapestry Fair.  Remember Bastet, the egyptian cat?  With that collaboration in our history, you know this is going to be super fun.

This is a stuffed, dimensional bat.  11" tall!  So cool.

Look at those wings.  How fun are they going to be to stitch, bead and embellish.  You can join us and stitch just the wings and leave the cute little body to the finishers or you can needlepoint your heart out and have the coolest all needlepoint bat on the street!

The club starts April 2014.  The first month you will receive the canvases, the first stitchguide and all necessary threads, beads and embellishments for that lesson.

Each subsequent month you will be charged for the stitchguide and the additional threads, beads and embellishments.

Join the club for the complete bat by clicking here!
Join the club for the wings only by clicking here!

I hope you will join the fun.  I'm thinking lots of fun and funky embellishements!

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