Friday, March 28, 2014

How much fun are these?

We're gearing up for the start of our Shelly Penko Bohemian Beauty Mystery Class at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  You can read more about it here.

We thought it would be fun to have Julia Snyder take a spin at some of her other canvases.

All three of these designs will now ship complete with stitchguide.


Sitting On Top of the Wool

Tender Heart

I love the thread choices.  These will be super fun to stitch.  You can order them here, or call the shop at 410.296.0405.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

As Long As It's Still Snowing...

Seriously?  Snow on the 25th of March?  I guess Mother Nature just wanted me to post lesson #3 of the Melissa Shirley Christmas Village Mystery With a Twist with a fresh coat of the white stuff outside.

Oh well, we'll survive.

Lesson #3 is on it's way to everyone!  The second house has come to life with a thread that I typically don't use, Watercolors.  I manipulated the Holiday colorway to eliminate some of the dark green.  I didn't want the stitching to get too dark.

This cute little house is trimmed with gold beads.  You know I love beads.  The heart above the door is a slightly wonky Rhodes Stitch Heart.

We've added the stones and walkways too throughout the canvas.  Next up, the green house.  I have ideas!  Can't wait to test drive them.

This is a Mystery with a Twist class at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  The lessons are roughly 3 months apart and we have just completed the 3rd lesson.  It's not too late to join us.  All the details are on the website.  Click on Classes and then Mystery Classes.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mystery Makeup Day

Yesterday was Mystery Makeup Day at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  We had a great time.

Thank you all for coming!  So fun!

Bastet came out to play with Sue

Why Fit In? was here.  Those first stitches on any canvas are scarey but Peggi forged ahead and is well on her way.

Dine brought Blue Moon.

Mystery Makeup days are a fun way to get back on track with a mystery project that is unfinished.  Did you hit an area where you need a referesher?  Did you miss a class?  Or do you just want to hang out with friends?  We have a great time.  And of course a little stash enhancement happens along the way.

Next Mystery Makeup Day is April 19th, 11 am to 4pm.  It's $45 including lunch and dessert.  Give us a call if you would like to join the fun.  410.296.0405.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the Zecca Retreat!

Join us May 17 & 18 at Bedecked and Beadazzled for our very first designer retreat.  Karen Hennessey of Zecca fame will be here for the weekend to stitch a brand new project she designed just for us. 

Karen and I have so much fun together that we decided to make an event out of it and invite all of you!

Here's the plan....  Karen designed a canvas that is lovely and Springy and just the thing to get us over all this snow.

You know Zecca and I are both a little unpredictable and so is this canvas. Could you have guessed this would be what we picked?

It's going to be totally Zecca-licious!  I see the possibilities.  Oooh!  The add ons, the embellishments, the stitches, the colors...... the fun! 

This will be a stitch in, not a formal class.  I'll be stitching with you as will Karen. 

Canvas, threads, stretcher bars, embellishments and stitchguide all will be provided.  We will spend two days stitching, hanging out, gabbing, giggling and having a grand time together. 

11-5 Saturday and Sunday, May 17 & 18.

The price per person for all of this including lunches and dessert is $850.00

Hope you can make it.  Space is filling up fast!

Call us to sign up, or register on line.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Swanky Cute!

Oh me.  Oh my.

I really have to say our little pup is the cutest ever!

Yesterday's class was mostly about her sweater.   We all love over dyes and I love it even more when I can use the crazy happy ones and get them to work!  This canvas was the perfect backdrop for Gloriana's Miami Deco. 

It was also a canvas that called for ribbon accents.  I love ribbons.  I know a lot of you do not share my love, but really, she needed a loopy trim on her sweater.

And I just love the two color ribbon roses on her sweater.  Ribbon roses are made just like corkscrew stitches.  Bring your needle threaded with ribbon up.  Twist, twist, twist, holding it tight.

 Fold the ribbon in half, allowing it to twist on itself.

Slowly pull it through the canvas and magically, a rose begins to bloom.

Stop pulling when the rose is just the right size and tack in place with a few stitches of invisible thread.  Pretty darn cute.

Our littlest staff member is off to the finisher.  She'll vacation there for a few months and then be back to strut her stuff in the shop.

If you missed this class and would like us to send it to you kitted, give us a call or order it here.

See you soon.  Next class is Bohemian Beauty.   Sign up here to join the party!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Stitch guides already!

We just launched the start of our new line of Amy Bruecken canvases last week and we just couldn't resist stitchguiding a few of them.

Julia Snyder was here, and well, the rest as they say is history.

The blue snowman is now complete with a stitchguide

as is The Witch is In!

You can see them both here.

More fabulous Amy canvases to come.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Embellishing Differently

Every teacher, every designer, every stitcher looks at a canvas differently.

Julia Snyder spent the weekend with us sharing her vision of how to embellish our canvases.  I always say she sees more texture in a piece than anyone else does adding ribbons, and floofy bursts of Wonder Ribbon and drop beads.

Check out the orange flower on this zecca canvas.  It's just a loop of ribbon with a drop bead in the center, but its oh so cool!

Look at all the goodies that are going to go on this zecca canvas.

You have to look closely at this Julie Mar canvas to notice that all the red poppies are going to be different.  If that's not enough, look at the background!  In the top right hand corner is a section of Julia's PW Screen pattern stitched in white.  When complete, the flowers will look as though they are sitting in front of a beautiful white screen with all of these wonderful colors showing through behind it.  Such a clever idea.

Mama bear's hat is simply long stitches of silk  bouclĂ©.  Yummy!

Bargello was just the answer for the side panels on the shepherd.  When you look at it from different angles, it just glows!

Look at all the fun threads that are going to go on this Melissa Shirley tablescape.

This is a section of another beachy canvas.  Thanks to Basketweave on a stick the towel will look like terry cloth!  Not sure I would have thought of terry cloth.

Several of the ladies brought finished pieces to show off.  See, it really does happen. Things do get finished!

We always have a good time when Julia comes to town.  Hope you can join us the next time.  Details will be posted very soon on the website!

Friday, March 07, 2014

From Cross Stitch to Needlepoint and into your heart!

Talk about Cute!

Cute, cute, cute.

That's the word for Amy Bruecken!  Amy is a Cross Stitch designer with a large selection of cute.

I met Amy a few years ago at a tradeshow and we talked and planned and now some of that super cute style is coming to a needlepoint store near you!

I love Amy's canvases, they are small enough to be stitch-able but big enough to fill with stitches. Simple, relaxing but always funny.

How cute would this be for a newborn or a rising superstar.  Bead the words. Rhodes stitches for the dots.  Perhaps Criss Cross Hungarian for the star and a Laid Stitch for the background.  You'll be done in no time.

Penguin Love.  Love the penguin.  Love the dots.  Amy is a girl after my own heart.  Look at here colors.  And the dots!  You know I love polka dots.

The Witch is In.  Better stitch fast before she casts her spell on you.

There are more fun designs on the web and more to come.  Hope you like them as much as I do.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Pharoah Dog

The Pharoah Dog is the latest and greatest canvas from Tapesty Fair. 

Now you know my current love affair with Tapestry Fair canvases. First there was Bastet, the most beautiful Egyptian cat.

She was so fun to stitch.  Yes, a million beads, but what's not to like about a million beads on a black cat?  Now she has a playmate, a gorgeous Pharoah Dog!  So regal, so elegant.  

The stitchguide is complete. There are many similarities to Bastet, but the Pharoah Dog is his own man.  The Lotus pattern doesn't appear in the background of the dog since the pyramids are already painted there, but they are designed to be a handsome pair.

You can order the pharoah dog here.  Canvases should be here soon.

Bastet is available here

Sunday, March 02, 2014

The Spotlight is On!

We're working away on the Dog Walker Mystery Class.  It's coming together quickly.  Today was the second class and we focused on stitching the background and the woman's feet.

The background is a brand new laid filling stitching stitched entirely in metallic.  It's a pretty blue and it matches the paint on the canvas perfectly.   It sparkles, just like a spotlight is shining on the puppy.

Just look how it makes her eyes sparkle.

We also stitched the lady's shoe in basketweave and her sock in Knit Stitch.

One more lesson and she is complete.  Next up we will stitch her sweater, leash, bow in her hair and of course the lady's leggings.  I have some really cute embellishments that you are going to love.

See you soon.  xo

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