Monday, March 10, 2014

Embellishing Differently

Every teacher, every designer, every stitcher looks at a canvas differently.

Julia Snyder spent the weekend with us sharing her vision of how to embellish our canvases.  I always say she sees more texture in a piece than anyone else does adding ribbons, and floofy bursts of Wonder Ribbon and drop beads.

Check out the orange flower on this zecca canvas.  It's just a loop of ribbon with a drop bead in the center, but its oh so cool!

Look at all the goodies that are going to go on this zecca canvas.

You have to look closely at this Julie Mar canvas to notice that all the red poppies are going to be different.  If that's not enough, look at the background!  In the top right hand corner is a section of Julia's PW Screen pattern stitched in white.  When complete, the flowers will look as though they are sitting in front of a beautiful white screen with all of these wonderful colors showing through behind it.  Such a clever idea.

Mama bear's hat is simply long stitches of silk  bouclĂ©.  Yummy!

Bargello was just the answer for the side panels on the shepherd.  When you look at it from different angles, it just glows!

Look at all the fun threads that are going to go on this Melissa Shirley tablescape.

This is a section of another beachy canvas.  Thanks to Basketweave on a stick the towel will look like terry cloth!  Not sure I would have thought of terry cloth.

Several of the ladies brought finished pieces to show off.  See, it really does happen. Things do get finished!

We always have a good time when Julia comes to town.  Hope you can join us the next time.  Details will be posted very soon on the website!

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karen said...

Oh, I can't wait to see what is happening with the MS tree skirt! I've wanted that canvas for a long time!

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