Monday, April 28, 2014

Where to begin?

If you've been following my ramblings you know how much fun we have with our national teacher events.  This weekend was no exception.  Brenda Hart was here this weekend to teach 3 days of embellishment classes.  We started a bit slow but we ramped up and creativity flowed. 

The birth of another collage --Palma is starting the Lani horse collage with Brenda Hart's great ideas.

Check out Palma's other project, the gourmet collage.  She started this not too long ago and it is stellar!

  Embellishment classes are made for Charley Harper canvases.  Great areas for stitches.

 Or in this case eyelashes!  Too cute.

One of our artists Eleanor Grosch has a similar style to Charley and creates canvases that sing with a few well placed stitches and threads.  Ginko Play is going to be gorgeous when finished.

This is Preen Peacock.  I love the jewels and the stitch for the peacock.

Brenda and Susan made twisted cord to trim the big chair on Anabelle's stocking.  

Is this not the cutest?

Brenda can even create magic with outhouses.  Need I say more?

Maybe you will join us one time.  It's always fun.  Watch the class page on our website for future dates and happenings.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Our Very Own Mad Man

I think he's a little in the cups,

had too much to drink,

partied a little hearty.

But he is still a doll.
This is the Boston Terrier Cocktail from British designer FabFunky.  It now comes complete with stitchguide.

The one-and-only Sandy Arthur stitched and stitchguided this character and I love him!  His face and body are needle felted and it's just enough.  Not so big of an area that you get overwhelmed felting him but a big enough area that you can learn to love the technique.

After the Wizard of Paws class last Thanksgiving I am itching to needle felt again.  Just haven't gotten to it.  But watch out.  It's coming....

Thank you Sandy for such a fun guide!  We can't wait for everyone to see him.

If you would like to order your very own Boston Terrier Cocktail, click here or give us a call.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New from Eleanor!

Woo Hoo!  We have new canvases from the one and only Eleanor Grosch.

If you love bold shapes and colors that you can fill with beautiful stitches and threads, these are the canvases for you.

 Preen Peacock

Snowbirds Bluejay

 Wild Cockatiels

 Bower Blue Bird

 Ginko Gift Chartreuse

Ginko Play

All are approximately 8" x 12" on 18ct mono.  You can see the full line here.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Party Continues

We had so much fun stitching the Lee ladies in a row as a Mystery with a Twist that we decided to do it all over again with another group of 6 girls!

The first one is ready to walk the red carpet.  She's wearing an original gown by her favorite designer. 

Her updo is one-of-a-kind.  I love the rose crystals in her ears, simply elegant.  

Her gown in made from scalloped silk lace, hand beaded by the finest Maryland couturier and embellished with Austrian crystals.  Ooh La La!

The first lesson of our Mystery With a Twist class has shipped to everyone.  If you haven't joined the fun or you are curious how this works, you can read all about the class here.  Lessons are approximately 3 months apart, and shipped right to your door.  There's plenty of time to join the fun and get caught up.

It wouldn't be a Bedecked and Beadazzled Mystery Class if there weren't fun add ons.  Check out the scissor fob designed just for this class. I think this  is my favorite one to date.

And there's a fabulous coordinating snap tray to hold your threads and scissors in style while stitching.

This girl is just the right size for a fun stitching weekend.  The next one will be unveiled in about 3 months.

Friday, April 18, 2014

This just in...

Since this is the start of a long holiday weekend for many of you, I thought I would tempt you with new and lovely things.

First up is the announcement of our next Mystery Class.  Summer is just around the corner so I've planned some shorter mysteries.

The Parrot by Eleanor Grosch is full of color and great spaces for stitches.  This will be a relaxing stitch with only two lessons!

Full details for the class are on the website here.  You can join us in person or long distance.  Classes will be June 29 and July 13th.  And remember, there are always fun add-ons to the class. Snap Trays and scissor fobs if you need a little more color in your world.

I hope you will join us.  I'm already seeing the possibilities on this canvas.

Speaking of fun new things, check out our newest magnet.  This big wonderful bee is exclusively ours and reminiscent of fine jewelry.  I think this would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift.

You can order this stunner here or as always give us a call and we'll send sparkly things your way.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Something Special just for Mom

I have loved this canvas since Colors of Praise first introduced it.  What's not to love?  Leopard.  Pink.  Scrolls and in this case, beads!

We have written a stitchguide and kitted it up.  It's all ready for you to drop a little hint to hubby or the kids that this is what you want for Mother's Day. 

Give us a call if you would like one sent or order online here.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just Chillin' with Friends

The sun was out, it's over 80 here.  We jumped straight to summer.  My sandals are out and my toes are happy.

It will be 50 mid week. 

It's crazy out there.

So, while the rest of the world was gardening etc we were happily stitching away on the Bohemian Beauty.  We were chillin' with friends, stitching away, wishing you were here.

We started our new Mystery Class today.  It's the Bohemian Beauty by Shelly Penko.  This is going to be a really different class.  Just look at the canvas.  It's a gorgeous artsy painting.

My job is to devise stitches, threads and textures that will enhance the beautiful painting and not cover it up.

We stitched the dog in basketweave.  That's pretty straightforward.

Her skirt is the magical part.  I wanted it to look like raw silk with slubs and texture and highlights glinting in the light.  It's a RANDOM open stitch that I first used several years ago at Brenda Hart's suggestion on the Happy Halloween canvas by Michael Stoebner. 

Yes, it is random.  You know I love random.  The magic is that the painting shows through and enhances the stitches just as the stitches enhance the painting.

Some of the ladies in class completely stitched the first layer of their skirt today.  Gotta love a quick stitch!  You want an overall even coverage.  Once you complete the first layer, you add a second layer of random in a different thread and then the SEQUINS!  Yes, I love sequins too.  Easy, peasy.

Heads up if you are in the class long distance.  The thread packaging has changed since I stitched my Bohemian Beauty's skirt.  You need to gauge your usage carefully when stitching the first layer of the skirt.  You have exactly the amount of thread I used.  Not my typical extra.  More is on it's way to me; but its not here yet.

Since today was the first class of the Bohemian Beauty Mystery, now is the time to unveil the limited edition snap tray.  So pretty.  So perfect!


We also have matching scissor fobs.  They are pretty and sparkly and pink!

The next lesson is in 3 weeks.  If you would like to join the fun, give us a call or sign up online and we'll get things off to you.  It's a fun happy piece to stitch.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bye Blue Finches

Love this! 

Bye Blue Finches by Eleanor Grosch.  Eleanor is a graphic designer with a unique style.  She translates animals and flowers into their most basic graphic shapes and magic happens.  Combine that with needlepoint stitches and even more magic happens.  We currently offer eight of her designs with more coming in the next few weeks!  Yay! You can see her canvases here.

Pat stitched Bye Blue Finches with Brenda Hart and these are the results!

The choice of stitches is superb as is the stitching.  We have the stitchguide ready so if these little birdies are tweeting to you, give us a call or order here.  They are perfect for Spring and check out the background.  No stitching!  Love that!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Another Great Finish

You know our girl Palma loves her Lani collages.  She finished the seaside collage under the tutelage of Meredith Willet. 

The planets aligned and our table maker finished the table just in time for Meredith to see it when she was here last weekend.

Great job, ladies!  Can't wait to see what's next.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Boo! It's Halloween!

Well, not really, but I got your attention.

Look what marvelous magical thing is back from the finisher!  This was our Halloween Mystery Class last year.  It's Boo by Hal Mayforth.  You can order the canvas etc here if you love him as much as I do.

I've said it before. I love, love, love my finishers.  They have imagination and talent.

I sent this off with the only instruction being that I wanted a stand up.

Now we knew it glows in the dark thanks to the stitching.

But we didn't know it needed a battery pack of lights and even more glow in the dark magic.

Now we know it needed all that magical fun stuff.  Thank you so much my dearest finisher.


Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Divine Miss M returns to Maryland

Last weekend one of our favorite teachers came to play.  Meredith Willet was here from Lexington and she did some amazing things with canvas and thread.

and a straw......

Check this out.  Insert straw into an anchored piece of flair; carefully fill with beads.  Remove straw and sink flair into canvas.  You now have a bubble of beads.  You know I love beads and a bubble of beads is even more beady fun!  I can see this in action on so many canvases.

Peggy used the technique on the flowers of this happy happy Leigh canvas.

Later in the weekend she was filling flower petals with Burden Stitch and other wonderful laid patterns.

Sue was happily stitching silly dogs on this discontinued Maggie canvas.

Barbara is going to have all kinds of fun with her Rishfeld canvas.  Or nuĂ© and fancy needle-woven picots will make this canvas come to life.

Lani's gourmet collage has the perfect stitch framing the green squares in the top section and don't you just want to eat up that doughnut?

Sorbello Stitch was the word of the weekend.  Here it is on the garland at the top of this stocking and again on this wonderful Lee landscape for the green bushes in the center of the canvas.

Meredith loves beads almost as much as I do. 

The Christmas tree has it's own little beaded ornaments!  How cute.

Mother Goose has beaded daisy chain trim on her dress.  Love that!

Mary's Julie Mar canvas is gorgeous to start with but will be over the top by the time she is finished.  Check out this flower.  Gorgeous!

The background is spot on perfect with the open cross hatching stitch to let the background show through. This is one of my all time favorite techniques.  Works everytime you use it and it's just so darn fun.

I was playing with the Zecca peacock in class.  You know there's going to be lots of  beady fun on this one.

The question became.  Size 11 beads?  Size 14 beads?  Brick Stitch Beads?  Row Beading?  This color?  That color.  Okay that's a lot more than one question, but you can tell I was very undecided as witnessed by the oh so big pliers smashing a bead in this photo. There is currently a little of every option on my canvas.  We will see which option wins in the end.

We're doing cool fancy chain type stitches for the veins in the leaves.

 My favorite part by far were the super cute little tassels in the borders.  Love them!

This is what would happen when I would wander from my canvas to go do store stuff.  Meredith would appear at my seat and work a little magic leaving a stitch or two for me to play with when I returned.

Through it all, Meredith's love of the needle shines through.   So many ideas, so little time.

She is after all, the Divine Miss M.  She even has a snap tray so she won't forget.

Meredith, thanks for coming; we love you and will see you soon. 


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