Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just Chillin' with Friends

The sun was out, it's over 80 here.  We jumped straight to summer.  My sandals are out and my toes are happy.

It will be 50 mid week. 

It's crazy out there.

So, while the rest of the world was gardening etc we were happily stitching away on the Bohemian Beauty.  We were chillin' with friends, stitching away, wishing you were here.

We started our new Mystery Class today.  It's the Bohemian Beauty by Shelly Penko.  This is going to be a really different class.  Just look at the canvas.  It's a gorgeous artsy painting.

My job is to devise stitches, threads and textures that will enhance the beautiful painting and not cover it up.

We stitched the dog in basketweave.  That's pretty straightforward.

Her skirt is the magical part.  I wanted it to look like raw silk with slubs and texture and highlights glinting in the light.  It's a RANDOM open stitch that I first used several years ago at Brenda Hart's suggestion on the Happy Halloween canvas by Michael Stoebner. 

Yes, it is random.  You know I love random.  The magic is that the painting shows through and enhances the stitches just as the stitches enhance the painting.

Some of the ladies in class completely stitched the first layer of their skirt today.  Gotta love a quick stitch!  You want an overall even coverage.  Once you complete the first layer, you add a second layer of random in a different thread and then the SEQUINS!  Yes, I love sequins too.  Easy, peasy.

Heads up if you are in the class long distance.  The thread packaging has changed since I stitched my Bohemian Beauty's skirt.  You need to gauge your usage carefully when stitching the first layer of the skirt.  You have exactly the amount of thread I used.  Not my typical extra.  More is on it's way to me; but its not here yet.

Since today was the first class of the Bohemian Beauty Mystery, now is the time to unveil the limited edition snap tray.  So pretty.  So perfect!


We also have matching scissor fobs.  They are pretty and sparkly and pink!

The next lesson is in 3 weeks.  If you would like to join the fun, give us a call or sign up online and we'll get things off to you.  It's a fun happy piece to stitch.

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