Friday, April 25, 2014

Our Very Own Mad Man

I think he's a little in the cups,

had too much to drink,

partied a little hearty.

But he is still a doll.
This is the Boston Terrier Cocktail from British designer FabFunky.  It now comes complete with stitchguide.

The one-and-only Sandy Arthur stitched and stitchguided this character and I love him!  His face and body are needle felted and it's just enough.  Not so big of an area that you get overwhelmed felting him but a big enough area that you can learn to love the technique.

After the Wizard of Paws class last Thanksgiving I am itching to needle felt again.  Just haven't gotten to it.  But watch out.  It's coming....

Thank you Sandy for such a fun guide!  We can't wait for everyone to see him.

If you would like to order your very own Boston Terrier Cocktail, click here or give us a call.

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