Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Divine Miss M returns to Maryland

Last weekend one of our favorite teachers came to play.  Meredith Willet was here from Lexington and she did some amazing things with canvas and thread.

and a straw......

Check this out.  Insert straw into an anchored piece of flair; carefully fill with beads.  Remove straw and sink flair into canvas.  You now have a bubble of beads.  You know I love beads and a bubble of beads is even more beady fun!  I can see this in action on so many canvases.

Peggy used the technique on the flowers of this happy happy Leigh canvas.

Later in the weekend she was filling flower petals with Burden Stitch and other wonderful laid patterns.

Sue was happily stitching silly dogs on this discontinued Maggie canvas.

Barbara is going to have all kinds of fun with her Rishfeld canvas.  Or nuĂ© and fancy needle-woven picots will make this canvas come to life.

Lani's gourmet collage has the perfect stitch framing the green squares in the top section and don't you just want to eat up that doughnut?

Sorbello Stitch was the word of the weekend.  Here it is on the garland at the top of this stocking and again on this wonderful Lee landscape for the green bushes in the center of the canvas.

Meredith loves beads almost as much as I do. 

The Christmas tree has it's own little beaded ornaments!  How cute.

Mother Goose has beaded daisy chain trim on her dress.  Love that!

Mary's Julie Mar canvas is gorgeous to start with but will be over the top by the time she is finished.  Check out this flower.  Gorgeous!

The background is spot on perfect with the open cross hatching stitch to let the background show through. This is one of my all time favorite techniques.  Works everytime you use it and it's just so darn fun.

I was playing with the Zecca peacock in class.  You know there's going to be lots of  beady fun on this one.

The question became.  Size 11 beads?  Size 14 beads?  Brick Stitch Beads?  Row Beading?  This color?  That color.  Okay that's a lot more than one question, but you can tell I was very undecided as witnessed by the oh so big pliers smashing a bead in this photo. There is currently a little of every option on my canvas.  We will see which option wins in the end.

We're doing cool fancy chain type stitches for the veins in the leaves.

 My favorite part by far were the super cute little tassels in the borders.  Love them!

This is what would happen when I would wander from my canvas to go do store stuff.  Meredith would appear at my seat and work a little magic leaving a stitch or two for me to play with when I returned.

Through it all, Meredith's love of the needle shines through.   So many ideas, so little time.

She is after all, the Divine Miss M.  She even has a snap tray so she won't forget.

Meredith, thanks for coming; we love you and will see you soon. 



Lorraine said...

Thanks for sharing! Love the variety of canvases, stitches etc.

Diane Lithgow said...

Lovely selection. can you direct me to the open cross hatching stitch directions. I love the look and have the perfect canvas to try it on.

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