Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So Much Fun..... I want to do it again!

Last weekend was our very first designer retreat.  It will not be our last.  We had so much fun!

It was very relaxed, we got a lot of stitching done and basically just played for a few days in the company of very good friends.  I am honored you all came and so glad you did!

Karen Hennessey of Zecca fame came for the weekend.  She is charming and delightful and oh so talented.  We love her a lot.  She stitched too!  Following along and going with the flow of all my crazy ideas.  Here she is comparing notes with Julie.  They were both very patient with the picture taking elves.

Karen designed a canvas for us that I in turn stitch-guided.  This is sort of a different style for zecca.  The palette is so much softer than what we expect.

There's lots of fun areas to stitch and then I added a few more twists and turns.

Doesn't everyone look like they are working hard?

Kathy and Kathy got so much stitching done!

My style of stitching is a little different than most.  I know that all the details are in the stitch guide, so I go over the most important things.  That gives you more time to stitch and so much less spaghetti hanging from your canvas when the class is done.

We learned how to make antennae for butterflies and how to stitch beautiful crescents without relying on charts and counting.  We used glue sticks and circle templates and vanishing markers.  Oh yes, and of course we needed fishing line for stitching.

You know I live for finding special things to embellish a canvas and make it even more magical.  For this piece the magic came in the form of two little boxes of vintage Swarovski crystal.  Karen found the treasures in her kit.

I think she likes them.  :-)

Here's what the canvas is morphing in to.  Mine is almost finished.  Just one more day of stitching and I could be done!  Woo Hoo!  I embellished with crystals and beads and fun threads and more patterns. Yes, I added more pattern to what Karen already designed and when she saw it, she said "I would totally do that!"

 The butterflies have bodies made by Zecca and fabulous wired antennae.

Before you get excited that I did this much basket weave, let me say, I came to class with the leaf almost half done.  I was done.  Elves snuck into my chair when I was out of the room and finished it up for me.  Yay, girls!  Love you!

Each little vignette is more fun than the last.  Once you get the background and borders done it moves right along.

I planned a little Saturday afternoon surprise.  Karen brought jewelry to share and sell.  We were a tad obsessed.  It's so pretty and so Zecca.

So we all bought a piece or two :-)

And of course we had to have Karen sign the magic board!  So fun!

Thank you Karen for coming to play.  We couldn't have asked for a better first retreat.  Thank you ladies for trusting my vision of this piece and following along on this adventure.

We've already asked Karen to come again.   Hope she says yes and you can join us.

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Kimberly said...

So happy that your first retreat was a smashing success!
Love everything you did :-)

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