Sunday, June 29, 2014

Polly Wanna Cracker?

Yes, she does.  And she's a talker!  She has character in spades.

Today was a Mystery Class day at Bedecked and Beadazzled. Woo Hoo!

We started a new canvas today, the parrot by Eleanor Grosch.  It's colorful and graphic with lots of good areas for stitches.

Today's challenge was the background.  What to do with all that background??  We could pick a thread and a stitch and that would work and be fine.

I wanted to do something different, something that would allow me to work multiple stitches and yet keep the integrity of the original design. Something that was essentially a large field of lime green.

I added a few stripes and some leaves.  All are worked in the same green as the background paint color.  The different threads reflect the light differently creating a tone on tone pattern.

Here's where it gets fun.  Do you want to stitch it as I stitched mine?  Or just stripes in the background, or just leaves. Speaking of leaves, mine float behind the stripes.  Do you want yours to do the same or should they be in front of the stripes.  Choices, choices.  Kind of fun.

Hers face is simply basketweave and her beak is beaded!!!  You know I love that.

Since this was the first class for this canvas I got to unveil the limited edition snap tray

and the super cute scissor fob. 

Give us a call if you would like a little extra parrot paraphernalia.  

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Count Flies In

Allow me to introduce the Count.  He is a super cute dimensional bat designed by Tapestry Fair.  I fell in love with him the moment I saw him.

I had to stitch him, right?  Here he is assembled from a blank painted canvas and stuffed body.

He is a monthly club at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  You can choose to stitch only his wings and allow the finisher to make a super cute body, or you can stitch him in all his glory.  He will be stuffed and wired for even more dimension.  Love that!

We are starting by stitching the wing panels.  The first panel with the little witch has just shipped to everyone in the club.

This panel is simple and quick, but trust me there will be more embellishments in future panels.  I have raided my beads and goodies and have lots of wicked goodness up my sleeve.

You know, every witch needs sequins on her skirt.

The frothy, fluffy slime is growing!

There will be three months of panel section kits.  The 4th month will be the black borders and dividers.  More fun there.  Three more months of panels, more borders and then the body!

All in all he is a super cute little guy.  Well, little if you call an 11" tall bat little.

If you'd like to join us, we'd love to have you.  Give us a call at 410.296.0405 or sign up online.

And of course what would a mystery Halloween club be without go withs?  Everyone gets a fun needle minder magnet and if you would like, we can also send you a matching scissor fob.

Fobs are available for all Halloween collectors.

Happy Halloween in June.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Mind is a Scary Place

And I only mean that in a good way.  The one and only Brenda Hart was here this weekend for 3 fun days of embellishment.

The goal of the embellishment classes it to get fresh new ideas.  That's exactly what you get from Brenda.

Two different people chose to work on this collage by Lani, so lots of areas were developed.

Brenda has a keen eye for selecting a simple open stitch that works magic over an entire block of the canvas with no color changes!

Both of these leaves look stunning with these patterns allowing the painting to show through.

The orchid in the center of the collage is going to be completely beaded!  All in one pretty shade of beads.

While we are on the topic of collages by Lani, Palma returned with her horse collage from the last class with areas complete to show Brenda and new areas to develop.

Everyone works hard in class and has a great time :-)

Brenda is the first to get silly.

Robin King, stitch guide writer, and Stacy Brown, owner of the Nimble Needle in Atlanta, came to class on Sunday.  I do wish they could have stayed longer.  Stacy is so sweet.  If I'm ever in GA you know I'm coming for a visit, and I want to meet her new kittens!  They look so cute!  

Robin worked on this pavilion by Colors of Praise.  Check out the edge of the roof.  Is that not the coolest!  Only Brenda would have thought that up, and only Robin would have had the patience to do it without complaining.

Do you see, Robin's mascot kitty on her table stand?  We wouldn't want her to miss her mews too much while she was away.

Stacy worked on this giant Joy Juarez fan canvas.  It's going to take awhile to finish but it will be spectacular.

Don't you just love what Wendy is doing with the Eleanor Grosch peacock?  The feathers are beaded!  So what's so special about that you ask?  Check out the beads, they are berry beads.  When you string them up, the bumps link together.  Pretty cool.

Mom has this Sharon G almost finished.  Just a few more details and it can be off to the framer.  Hint, hint. Mom if you were reading this you would laugh.

Here's another Joy Juarez canvas in progress.  Check out the water.  It's the perfect overdye.

Sue has a thing for dogs and cars.  So of course dogs in cars are a natural for her.  This Annie Lane will stitch up in no time flat! Once it has the fuzzy steering wheel cover and hanging dice from the rearview mirror it will be like no other.

Here we are after another fun filled weekend.  Brenda, Megan and I.

 Thanks for visiting everyone!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Finally, the ta da! moment

The time is finally here to unveil a surprise I have had in the wings for years.  Yes, years.

I had this idea of doing a needlepoint village.  Something you could display year round.  Put it on a mantle or on a shelf.  Imagine a fun little escape to a favorite vacation town but in needlepoint.

All your favorite stores are there.  It's the Towne Square!

I love all the tiny details.  The roof on the book store is an open book.  The gallery is lined with colored pencils.

There's a shoe-store and a handbag store.

The wine shop.  You know we need a good bottle of wine, and flowers, beautiful flowers.

Do you need a snack?  Ice cream and chocolate should be close at hand.

What about knitting and quilting, can't leave those out.

Of course, no home is complete without a pet, nor is any village.  I'm worried about the cat on the roof, but this is a magical place.  He'll be fine.

And of course the needlepoint stories the heart of the village.

We are offering these darling village needlepoints complete with stitch guides by Robin King as a monthly club starting in October.

We're going to do things a little different with this club and for those of you who want the threads, it will be a monthly thread delivery with the canvas and guide instead of a giant bag at the beginning.

As with all of our clubs we give you presents.  There are 12 shipments and on the 6th and 12th months you will get a second shop at half price.  That's a total of 14 shops for the price of 13.  Yay!

They really are fun to stitch!  I know I had fun designing them.

You can sign up here

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Foreground, background and everything in between

Here we are at the end of another canvas journey.  With today's class, the Bohemian Beauty by Shelly Penko is complete.

We stitched the beauty and her dog, the fishbowl and her chair, all the obvious items in the composition first.  We were left with odds and ends of beautiful colors.  We could stitch them in Basketweave and it would be beautiful, but we like texture, right?

We need to select stitches, threads and colors that define the areas.

The lower corner morphs the chair into what is probably a rug.  I made that definition clearer with the use of fuzzy threads.

The light above her head could easily have been sequined and beaded, but did we really want it to be center stage?  I didn't, so it is simply metallic in a wonderful sparkly pink.

The background is one stitch, two sizes, two colors so that one part of the wall flows further into the distance than the other.  Pretty nifty, huh?

Just for fun, here's our girl not stitched and then stitched.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.  A new one starts in 2 weeks.  Always totally different, but always fun.  I love the mystery classes.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Color Makes Me Happy

Few do color as well as Kimberly Smith.

Newest of the new canvases just arrived!

All are painted on 18ct and are approximately 6 x 9.  Not too big, not too small.  Just right.

You can see all of Kimberly's hand painted canvases here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fairytales fit for a princess

What a lucky little girl....  Grandma Carol has been stitching up a storm on my fairytale canvases.  They are turning out so cute.  Lots of color, lots of stitches.  Just fun.

Cinderella has just heard the clock strike midnight.

Snow White is in the forest with the dwarfs. 

You can see the series here.  Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

A Sterling Opportunity for Fun

Just for fun, and just because, we had a Friday afternoon prize drawing yesterday.

Zecca graciously left us with a canvas kit to use as a drawing at the close of her trunkshow.  You know she loves her game boards, so this one is Poker Dice. You stitch a dice cup and then get to play poker dice!  Super fun!

We embellished the canvas with a few well-placed crystals.  A girl has to have her bling.  We added some black for the background and away we go.  I'm sure the winner has lots of threads in her stash to use on the colorful swirls.

Sterling, our official prize drawer was called to action to select the winner from all the Zecca fans who purchased canvases during the show.

And Devolyn is the winner!  Yay, Devolyn.

You never know what's going to happen in the store with the lime green walls.  Somedays we don't know either :-)

Wishing you a happy Saturday.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Wild and Wonderful Horses

Everyone loves this canvas, and what's not to love?  It's Laurel Burch, super colorful and absolutely perfect in every way.

Just to make it more perfect, there is now a stitch guide!

Ellen stitched this with Brenda Hart and it is a masterpiece!  We have documented it with Brenda's permission and now it is available for order.

You can order online or call us at 410.296.0405

Thank you ladies for sharing!

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