Saturday, June 21, 2014

Finally, the ta da! moment

The time is finally here to unveil a surprise I have had in the wings for years.  Yes, years.

I had this idea of doing a needlepoint village.  Something you could display year round.  Put it on a mantle or on a shelf.  Imagine a fun little escape to a favorite vacation town but in needlepoint.

All your favorite stores are there.  It's the Towne Square!

I love all the tiny details.  The roof on the book store is an open book.  The gallery is lined with colored pencils.

There's a shoe-store and a handbag store.

The wine shop.  You know we need a good bottle of wine, and flowers, beautiful flowers.

Do you need a snack?  Ice cream and chocolate should be close at hand.

What about knitting and quilting, can't leave those out.

Of course, no home is complete without a pet, nor is any village.  I'm worried about the cat on the roof, but this is a magical place.  He'll be fine.

And of course the needlepoint stories the heart of the village.

We are offering these darling village needlepoints complete with stitch guides by Robin King as a monthly club starting in October.

We're going to do things a little different with this club and for those of you who want the threads, it will be a monthly thread delivery with the canvas and guide instead of a giant bag at the beginning.

As with all of our clubs we give you presents.  There are 12 shipments and on the 6th and 12th months you will get a second shop at half price.  That's a total of 14 shops for the price of 13.  Yay!

They really are fun to stitch!  I know I had fun designing them.

You can sign up here


Diane Gasior said...

This is the perfect village for our very imperfect times. Who wouldn't want to live here. It is the most enchanting village in every way. The design, stitching and finishing. It's beautiful

Susan Bisanzo said...

Love it - but where is all the lime green in the needlepoint shop??!!

Ruth Schmuff said...

I know, I realized this morning as I was posting that at least the kreinik spool on the needlepoint store should have been 015 Chartreuse!

karen said...


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