Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Magic of Overdyes

The Bohemian Beauty Mystery Class is coming right along.  Today was the third class.  She's dressed in her finest and now, her chair is solid and dimensional and gorgeous!

All of this is through the magic of overdyes.  The chair is stitched in one stitch.  It's mostly the same color.  What you see is the paint showing through the stitch giving each section of the chair a different tone and depth.

There are a couple of extra tricks here.  While the overdye used in the body of the stitch is the same throughout almost all of the chair the accent thread color does change in different parts of the chair.  

The other important trick is to make sure the stitches in the various sections of the chair do not align. Offset the wings of the chair from the back of the chair by a few stitches.  More magic, depth is created.

The lower part of the chair has some super cool crescent type stitches along the arm of the chair.  Lots of texture to bring the arm forward.

There's not much left to stitch, background, a rug and her hairband.  Two weeks and we'll see her finished.

Next up the fun and festive Polly the Parrot by Eleanor Grosch.


SharoninStitches said...

This is just gorgeous!

patti said...

Wow, gorgeous, I want that chair in my living room!

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