Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fuzzy, Fluffy and Everything In Between

I love needle felting!  It's quick, it makes cute furry animals, it's good for taking out any lingering hostility and it gives great results.  What's not to love?

Ok, I don't love the needle because it is really really going to hurt if I stick it in my finger.  But if I remember to keep my hand out of the way, that won't happen, right?

Knowing how well needle felting works, I decided that was the answer for the Playful Squirrel's body.  I really didn't want to basket weave him. Lesson one of our mystery class was all about needle felting

Check out the results.

There are a few rules for needle felting that should be honored.

1. Felt the dark color first, then the light, then the in between.

2. Use an up and down motion with your felting needle.  The moment your needle changes to an angle you will snap your needle.  Uggh.

3. Use only the tiniest wisp of roving at a time on your canvas.  I do mean tiny.

That's it, all the rules.

We tent stitched his muzzle and stitched his tummy in Interlocking Gobelin.

So many levels of fluffiness on this little guy.  Love him already.

Lesson two of the Playful Squirrel is August 10th.  Only two weeks from now.  You can still join us and easily catch up.  Give us a call at 410.296.0405 or order here.

There are also fun add ons to the project.  We like our go-withs.  :-) Carol Eix made us the cutest snap trays.  You just have to giggle when you see them.  Nuts, nuts, nuts.........

I love the scissor fob for this class.  Super cute.

If you are in the class you get the class magnet but look what else we have, a squirrel magnet by Elizabeth Turner collection.  How cute is he?

Hope you had a happy, fluffy weekend.


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