Sunday, September 21, 2014

Catching Up with Meredith Willet

The unstoppable Meredith Willet was here last weekend.  We had such a good time.  Love it when she comes to visit.

The visits are always too short but we fit a lot of creativity in a few short days.

Pamela is stitching this gorgeous Diane Dirks cat.  Check out the background and the border, she's stitching right over the painted pattern.

Small canvases like this Colors of Praise canvas finish quicker, especially when filled with great threads and stitches.

 The plan for these Charley Harper Love Doves is to fill them with lots of striped stitches.

Oh my, I love the patterns on this Lani mask!

And, check out the Fiesta Beading.  Mix an assortment of beads and then simply attach one at a time randomly.  The direction of the bead doesn't matter!  love that!  You know I love mixing different colors and finishes of beads to create depth.  And there's nothing wrong with random in my book.

Meredith works with each student one on one to make sure they understand exactly what stitches she is suggesting.  Mom is a very good student :-)

There are so many great stitches on this canvas.  I love the detached buttonhole for the bird's wing.  Soooo cute.  Stitch faster mom.

The Leigh pagoda has the perfect random stitches that create the bushes.

Look how perfectly the stitches fit the painted spaces on this canvas.  

This is a great technique for a Christmas tree.  Lots and lots of individual Lazy Daisy stitches.  It takes time, but the effect is wonderful.  

The Christmas Ball is a spiral trellis stitch.  You can read how its done on the just string blog.

Poe came for a visit.  T Stitch for the skull in metallic.  The raven sports some very cool stitches.

I can't wait to see the zecca owl finished.  Great stitches and threads.

Until next time, Meredith.  We'll be dreaming up new canvases to have you work your magic.

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