Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Beady Fun

So, you already know I love beads, and I love bling, right?

Check out these new beaded bracelet kits.  First up we have Fancy Fringe.  The kit has everything you need with the exception of a pair of pliers.  For $43.00 you get all sorts of beads and crystals in a fun color way.  This is a super easy project.

Pop in a movie or two and you have a new bracelet.  We have lots of different color ways in stock for this style.  They are sort of like popcorn. One leads to the next, to the next.

If you want something a little less dramatic the Slanted Sparkle Bracelet is another fun choice.  It's simply a band of Peyote Stitch.  With each row you pick up different beads which makes it have depth and movement.  Pretty cool. Also available in assorted colors.  All the supplies including the pretty clasp are in the kit.

Beading is a nice break from Needlepoint, and before you know it, you realize that you can do these same techniques on a canvas!  

Thanks for indulging my beady obsession.

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