Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Just in time for Tricks and Treats

So, you know I love the beaded bracelet kits that I blogged about here.  They are quick and fun and just enough of a beady break that you feel like you have accomplished something.

As we are just about 2 weeks from halloween, lets talk Halloween bracelets. Oooh!  Spooky!

We have kits for beaded peyote stitch bracelets - CUTE!

And fringe bracelets - love the beads in this one - SUPER CUTE!

And since your wrist shouldn't be the only fashionable body part, check out these cool skull earrings. Swarovski skull and drop, a few more crystals and you are ready for the party!    At $28 a kit how can you resist?

Trick or Treat



Carolyn McNeil said...

I have a couple of nieces that will love this bracelet!

Melissa MacLeod said...

Love the fringe bracelet… I have done a little jewelry making and lots of needlepoint beading. Is this something someone could do with just this rudimentary knowledge? Do you have kits for it? Didn't see them on the website...

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