Thursday, November 13, 2014


My life has been filled with many kitty muses through the years.  Jasper was one of them.  He was a sweet boy, big and round and loving.

He's been gone for years but he of course lives on in my heart.

And in the shop's bathroom.....

Here's my boy stitched and looking over us.  The canvas is available here if you would like to stitch your very own tabby cat.

I never had this exotic plan but I think he would have looked good with it.  Or maybe he would have pushed it to the floor.  One never knows.  :-)  Somedays he wanted more attention.

Here he is looking like the king of the roost.  Which of course he was.



Carol S. said...

Your Jasper looks just like my Bogo (he was part of a "buy one, get one" deal with his brother, Tuck.

Maybe I need to stitch up Bogo...

Carol S.

Ruth Schmuff said...

BOGO is a great system when it comes to cats. You know you want a pair :-)

Sheena said...

I always love seeing Jasper in the Bathroom! Take car of yourself and the boys!

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