Friday, November 28, 2014

Leaves and more leaves

The Why Fit In Mystery with a Twist has finally resurfaced!  Whoot!  Whoot!  I do love this piece and as soon as I can snag some time to work on it I don't want to put it down.

Here's where we are to date.  Three lessons complete.  In the third lesson we started stitching leaves and added her headdress and eyelashes.  Love her little face!

So many fun colors in this piece.  We have more lessons to follow.  If you would like to join the fun, give us a call at 410.296.0405 or sign up on line here.  Lessons go out at approximately 4 month intervals.

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Tom Britton said...

Ruth, I'm very disappointed in how long it has been between lessons for "Why Fit In". The "mystery with a twist" class initially was advertised to have lessons distributed every 3 months. That was changed to every 3-4 months. Changed again to say approximately every 4 months. On 8/14/15 you advertised only a few more weeks......tomorrow is the first of November. I looked up when I received the last was 11/25/14. That is 3 weeks shy of 1 YEAR and I still haven't received a lesson. You keep adding more classes and completing stitch guides for those in house classes. The last time I called I was told there would be at least 2 more lessons before the canvas would be finished. I hope that doesn't mean 2 more years!
Pat Britton

Ruth Schmuff said...

Hi Pat - You are completely right. I have totally over extended myself. I honestly thought I could do more than I can. With that said, the next lesson is almost completely stitched, the supplies are here and I am pushing to get it out asap. Beyond that I have plans in place so that I can get caught up and stop making you wait. I love this piece and want to see it come to life.

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