Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Process

Today was lesson three of the Partridge Christmas Stocking Mystery Class.  Woo Hoo we are over halfway finished!  Not bad for just days after Christmas.

Today's lesson allowed us to finish the tree and stitch the leaves.

I am only stitching days, sometimes hours ahead of those of you who are in the class.  Most of the time that works.

Sundays are class days from 1-3 at the shop.  After class and after whatever else the day throws at me I sit down to write the blog.  (That's now.)  I also post the photos on my page on

Next up is thinking about what we will stitch in the next lesson.  I need to divide the canvas into equal parts so that that we don't run out of time or finish early. Yeah, right.  Typically I already have a plan in my head of what's coming next.

Stitching is next.  Monday and Tuesday are my days for test driving the stitches.  I start the areas we will stitch in the next lesson and guess-timate how much thread we will need.

YIKES!  It's Wednesday,  I need to order the threads for class.  Sometimes it's Thursday when I order,  but that really is the end of the road if the threads will be here on time.

Throughout the next week I stitch what I am planning for class.  I typically stitch in front of my computer.  Pretty exotic isn't it?  I chart each section as I stitch it.  I write the words as I stitch.  That tends to keep me in line.

Once in awhile I get off track and I don't take the time to write the instructions, create the diagrams while I am stitching.  There's just too much to do.

Sometimes I don't finish stitching the lesson either.  That's a blog post for another day.

Lesson three was one of those times when my stitching got ahead of the instructions.  This means you have options!  See, there's always a silver lining.

When I charted the last leaves to be stitched I thought I was charting what I stitched.  Not quite.  The chart in the instructions is actually different from what I stitched.  So now we have two variations of the stitch for the archives.

The diagram at left is the Diagonal Hearts as shown in the instructions for the Partridge Stocking.

The second diagram is what I actually stitched.  You can select the one you prefer or use them both together.

There are 3 different stitches used in the leaves, one is Basketweave.  Each of the three stitches is worked in its usual orientation and again with the canvas turned 1/4 turn creating 6 variations of stitches for the leaves.  

Remember I said that sometimes I don't finish stitching in time for class.  This was one of those times.  The tree wasn't completely finished for it's photo shoot.  We're almost there now and it's time to start planning lesson #4!  I better get busy.

See you soon.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry, Merry





Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy holiday!


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I really don't like anything falling from the sky.  Rain, snow, leaves whatever.

Perhaps this darling little monster will make the rain we are currently experiencing go away.  It's making for a very gray holiday week!

This is another ryn monster.  The rainy day monster is just too cute!

She's a friendly monster playing in the rain.

I love her button eyes.  She's a petite 4.5 x 6" stitch painted on 18ct and complete with stitch guide!

You can order her here, or by calling us at 410.296.0405

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Busy Bee Skep Club by Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark has a new club that is too darn cute!  It is a series of small bee skeps.  They really are charming and as only Kelly could do they are over the top fabulous with threads and stitches. 

I love them.

The club will sart in March 2015.  There are 8 canvases with guides.  One will ship each month March through August.  Join now, and in September you will receive the 7th and 8th canvases together and get the 8th canvas at half price!

Canvases with stitchguides are $64.00 each.  Some of the canvases will come with embellishments at an additional charge.  There will also be a complete thread kit, price to be determined.

 Call us at 410.296.0405 to sign up, or order online.

Don't forget we have a fun new mystery class starting in February too.  When in Doubt Twirl.  How can you resist?

Happy Holidays!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Tree

Today's lesson on the Partridge Mystery Stocking focuses on the tree!  It's a  large portion of the stocking and needs to be interesting and unusual but not so interesting that it overshadows the partridge yet to come.

We played it up and used fun new threads and stitches!  Woo Hoo!

All the outlines of the tree that once were brown are now purple.  We couched Soutache braid in place along the outlines.

Once they were complete, the branches were filled with a new stitch worked with Silk Wrapped Gimp.  Pretty cool.

There are some tricks to working with Silk Wrapped Gimp but it's worth it for the pretty effect that it gives.

1.  Work with a short length of gimp at all times and keep a short tail on your thread.  Moving the needle up and down the thread damages the thread.

2.  Use a bigger than normal needle.  I used a size 20 Tapestry Needle on this 13ct canvas.

That's not too many rules is it?

The backgrounds are now complete with their multi-part stitches and beads!!! Yes, it was time to add beads to the stocking.  I waited a whole lesson and a half before doing that.

The next lesson for this class will be December 28th just after Santa visits.  I think he will approve of this fat little partridge.  See you then.

Give us a call at 410.296.0405 or sign up on line to join the fun.

Friday, December 12, 2014

When In Doubt Twirl !!

I think this should be my new motto.

It's a happy motto.  Can't you just see me in the store twirling when I can't decide what to do next?  Too many ideas in my head too much fun!

Amy Bruecken designed this canvas and it will be our next Mystery Class! I smile every time I look at this canvas.  It just makes me giggle.  Maybe it's where Taylor Swift got the idea for the Shake it Off song?  Some days you just need to twirl and get over it.  The ideas are brewing.  What can we do with this canvas to make it extra special and fun?  I'm seeing sparkle; what about you?

The design size is 8" x 12" stitch painted on 13ct.  

Classes will be February 15th and March 8th.  You may sign up to take the class in person or long distance.  Please sign up early to make sure we have a canvas for you to start with the rest of the group.

Sign up online here or call us at 410.296.0405 to register!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Magic of Meredith

Meredith Willet was here last weekend and the time just flew.  We had a great embellishment class with great canvases and great stitchers.

Here's how it works.  When you sign up for a Meredith class at Bedecked and Beadazzled you select your canvas 3 months ahead of time.  We send a color copy to Meredith so that she can start plotting. And I do mean plotting.  The ideas are masterful and varied.

She comes to class prepared with a few stitches for everyone, just enough to get you started.  Throughout the 2 days of class she demonstrates and designs more stitches and generally works magic.

You may get your entire canvas stitch guided, you may not.  It really depends upon how many areas the canvas has.  You definitely get lots of stitches.

This weekend's class turned out to be a lot of canvases with a crazy amount of stitches. Really crazy.  I think we counted 72 areas on the Melissa Shirley pink floral.  Needless to say that will be coming back for another visit but Susan has plenty to do on it and I'm in love with it.  Do you think she will let it grace the walls of the store when it's finished if I say pretty please?

Check out the burden stitch on the flower petals - 
long stitches of metallic overstitched with silk.  YUMMY!

And the sweet ribbon flowers.

Carol is working on the Zecca Blue Crane. Meredith designed wonderful new stitches for the body and wings of the bird.  Love them.

Kate's dog Monte is  a dear, he was in charge of supervising stitch selection on Carol's canvas. He wanted to make sure his new friend was getting just the right stitches.

Mom has started another cat canvas.  Is there anything wrong with that?  
She has great stitches for the sofa the cat is sitting on 
and I love love love the repousse tail on the wind up mouse.  

Repousse is fun with big results.  In this case, she anchored several strands of Perle Cotton and then wrapped them with silk. As you move down the length of the tail you cut outdone strains of Perle Cotton at a time to make the bundle, aka the tail skinnier as you go.  Genius!

I love how this canvas is coming out.  Check out the woven sandals.....

Carol is working on a wonderful Sandy Gilmore canvas.  It is going to be stunning.  The aloe plant in the foreground is attached and detached needle weaving.  When creating the leaf on the left, three long stitches were laid in place for the sides and center vein of the leaf, they are then woven together.  To work detached you must first create a loop that will be the outside edges of your leaf and tie that to your canvas.  The center vein becomes the weaving thread.  When complete, you snip your tie down thread and viola the leaf is dimensional.  

Another of Meredith's oh so brilliant ideas was to cover the canvas you are working on with plastic wrap.  As you stitch, you cover and uncover areas of the canvas so that your beautiful silk threads don't drag on the canvas and snag.  Pretty darn cool.

There were many other demos - bullion knots and or nué to name a few.

Thank you Meredith for sharing your knowledge with us.  We can't wait until you return!


Friday, December 05, 2014

Stitcherie Games 2014

Stitcherie Games Viewers Choice 2014

This is the second year of the Stitcherie Challenge on .  When KB created this adventure in January 2013 we had no idea how popular the game would be.  Here we are at the end of  the second year and we have 27 inventive entries to share.

The rules were simple.  Grab a canvas from your stash with at least 10 areas to stitch.  Each month a new clue was released and participants were challenged to interpret the clue in relation to their piece.

The results were clever, oh so clever.

Here's the clues that had to be followed.
January - Straight
February - Samba
March - Time Warp
April - Bacon
May - Tortoise
June - Curve
July - Take Your Pick
August - Apple
September - Granny
October -  Roswell

Here's the results, the stitched canvases that showcase the clues.

Now it's time for the Viewer's Choice Award.  It's your turn to vote for your favorite stitched canvas.  Choose your favorite, click the button above the photo and the vote now button at the bottom of the page.  Let the games begin!  A winner will be announced on the 17th of December! (The poll will close 12/15/14)

Stitcherie Games Viewers Choice 2014

Witch's Garden Halloween Collage stitched by Ada H0%
Snowman stitched by Anne-Marie C0%
Fan stitched by Barbara B0%
Santa on a Black Bear stitched by Christina0%
Santa Rides a Harley! stitched by Cynthia B0%
Travel Wells titched by Dawna F0%
Mindy Oriental stitched by Debra S0%
Little Black Dress stitched by Elizabeth B0%
Barflies stitched by Gilly P0%
Travel Well stitched by Harriet R0%
Gingerbread House stitched by Jan R0%
Patchwork Heart stitched by JoAnn J0%
Garden stitched by Judith T0%
Face stitched by Judy F0%
Zoo Babies stitched bt Judy G0%
Original Design stitched by Juliana B0%
Spring Birdhouse stitched by Kari H0%
Peacock Vase stitched by Lisa0%
Patchwork Pumpkin stitched by Marjorie R0%
Santa stitched by Maria M0%
Seagull Basket stitched by Mary Ann S0%
Santa on a Flamingo stitched by Mary T0%
Mata Hari stitched by Nancy K0%
Winter Snowman stitched by Sharon0%
Love stitched by Sharon0%
Snowman with Penguin stitched by Susan A0%
Thee Lunch Bunch stitched by Susan G0%
Lion Tooth Fairy Pillow stitched by Lisa G0%
Topiaries stitched by Melissa M0%
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