Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Be Merry!

How cute is this?  

Cuteness times three.  That's how cute.


a Snowman

and a penguin, walked into a bar.....  Ooops, wrong story.

You just have to smile!  You have no choice.  The canvas was designed by Amy Bruecken.  I love her art.  So happy and whimsical.

Julia Snyder selected the stitches and threads and taught it at our Thanksgiving class last weekend.  Everyone had a great time.

There are so many fun and unusual techniques packed into this little canvas.   Just enough to test the the stitch and the threads.

The silk wrapped purl on santa's coat was definitely the part that got everyone's attention.  So easy and with such big, big results.

Think of the silk wrapped purl as beads but the cool part is that you can control the length, the position and the shape.  Keep them straight allow them to curl.  The choices are endless!

If you couldn't make the class but would like to stitch this cutie, give us a call at 410.296.0405 or order online here.

Happy December, everyone.  The fat man is on his way!


1 comment:

karen said...

I want one! So stinking adorable!

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