Friday, December 05, 2014

Stitcherie Games 2014

Stitcherie Games Viewers Choice 2014

This is the second year of the Stitcherie Challenge on .  When KB created this adventure in January 2013 we had no idea how popular the game would be.  Here we are at the end of  the second year and we have 27 inventive entries to share.

The rules were simple.  Grab a canvas from your stash with at least 10 areas to stitch.  Each month a new clue was released and participants were challenged to interpret the clue in relation to their piece.

The results were clever, oh so clever.

Here's the clues that had to be followed.
January - Straight
February - Samba
March - Time Warp
April - Bacon
May - Tortoise
June - Curve
July - Take Your Pick
August - Apple
September - Granny
October -  Roswell

Here's the results, the stitched canvases that showcase the clues.

Now it's time for the Viewer's Choice Award.  It's your turn to vote for your favorite stitched canvas.  Choose your favorite, click the button above the photo and the vote now button at the bottom of the page.  Let the games begin!  A winner will be announced on the 17th of December! (The poll will close 12/15/14)

Stitcherie Games Viewers Choice 2014

Witch's Garden Halloween Collage stitched by Ada H0%
Snowman stitched by Anne-Marie C0%
Fan stitched by Barbara B0%
Santa on a Black Bear stitched by Christina0%
Santa Rides a Harley! stitched by Cynthia B0%
Travel Wells titched by Dawna F0%
Mindy Oriental stitched by Debra S0%
Little Black Dress stitched by Elizabeth B0%
Barflies stitched by Gilly P0%
Travel Well stitched by Harriet R0%
Gingerbread House stitched by Jan R0%
Patchwork Heart stitched by JoAnn J0%
Garden stitched by Judith T0%
Face stitched by Judy F0%
Zoo Babies stitched bt Judy G0%
Original Design stitched by Juliana B0%
Spring Birdhouse stitched by Kari H0%
Peacock Vase stitched by Lisa0%
Patchwork Pumpkin stitched by Marjorie R0%
Santa stitched by Maria M0%
Seagull Basket stitched by Mary Ann S0%
Santa on a Flamingo stitched by Mary T0%
Mata Hari stitched by Nancy K0%
Winter Snowman stitched by Sharon0%
Love stitched by Sharon0%
Snowman with Penguin stitched by Susan A0%
Thee Lunch Bunch stitched by Susan G0%
Lion Tooth Fairy Pillow stitched by Lisa G0%
Topiaries stitched by Melissa M0%


KathyA said...

These are all beautiful!

Unknown said...

the santa on the flimingo was un real is the canvas still for sale?

Todd Balis said...

the santa on the flimingo was un real is the canvas still for sale?

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