Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Bluebird of Christmas

Does it really have to end? One more lesson and the Silly Christmas Birds will be complete.  I really am having too much fun.  Love stitching this piece.  Not too much of any one thing to thwart my teeny tiny attention span!

Today was lesson 4 of the Silly Birds Mystery Class.  We got a lot done.  The little Bluebird of Christmas is all fluffy and cute.

Red sections are simply Milanese, but it is a great stitch and one I rarely use.

I love the pink sections, they are a flower pattern in a beautiful overdyed silk.  That was one section I wanted to keep going. 

My real favorite part is the upper border.  The big poofy swags!  So fun.  They aren't done as of this lesson but they are well on their way.

Here we are, 4 lessons complete.  You know what that means.  Next lesson is the big green bird!

We have 3 weeks until the next lesson.  Can't wait to see what happens next.


P.S. Typo alert in instructions:  page 22, section title should read Pink Squares O not Pink Squares P.

page 23, bottom of page reads "Following the diagram on page 21"  should read following the diagram at right.  Sorry, about that.

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