Thursday, January 23, 2014


I currently have 3 volumes of Stitches books available to make your stitching life easier.  The 4th is in the works!

All are available as real honest to goodness books with large full page diagrams at your local needlework store and at Bedecked and Beadazzled.

They are also available as iphone/ipad apps so that you will have them with you 24/7 wherever you go.  Have you ever been in a class and wanted to know how to do a stitch but the diagram wasn't available?  Here you go.  All in one spot on your iphone or ipad.

Download the apps here.  This is the quirky technology thing.  You can download the apps direct from you iphone to your iphone easy peasy. 

If you would like to use them on your ipad please go to itunes on your computer.  Yes, you really have to use a computer.  Download there and sync to your ipad.  If you try to download direct to your ipad it doesn't work because it's not an ipad app.  It's an apple thing.  Once you sync to your ipad, simply hit the little 2X button and you will have large clear diagrams. 

Have fun and keep stitching!
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