Sunday, February 02, 2014

Big Bird is Here!

The star of the show is now complete.  Big Bird has joined the little blue bird and the Santa bird on our Silly Christmas Birds canvas.  Today was the final class of this mystery.  I'm sorry to see this one end. 

The colors are happy and its a mix of threads and fun stitches. There's always something fun to distract me on this canvas.

I will admit that I'm not quite finished yet.  There are still a few more T Stitches to be added to the upper border and beads to be added to the red/orange sections.  You know how I feel about beads.  One can never have too many.

The red orange section is the Medallion Stitch.  The instructions show both the  traditional way of working the stitch and a little modification that I made that makes the stitch faster to stitch.  Why stitch 4 stitches when 2 longer ones will do just the same thing? 

Typically when working the Medallion Stitch you would work 4 stitches to make the cross in the center of the medallion.  They will ultimately be covered by an Upright Cross so why not just do one simple large Cross Stitch?  Two stitches are faster than four.

I really love this little guy, well this big guy.  There are lots of different little things to do.  Not the best thing to try to walk through in a two hour class, but what's a girl to do?  The body is a riff on a leaf stitch.  The wing is an entirely different wonky variation of a leaf stitch concept.  Tent Stitches, Long Stitches, Small Balloon Stitch, couched metallics, sequins, crystals and viola! Each little thing doesn't take long to do but there's lots of needle threading and chatting.

I do love his googly eyes.  That was just one of those things that I saw in my head from day one.

So, I'm off to start the Dog Walker Mystery.  It's another super cute colorful canvas. 
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