Friday, February 07, 2014

New Designer. New Canvases!

It's so fun to find a new designer who's work you really love.

One day I stumbled on Shelly Penko from Austin Texas.  I fell in love with her colors.  Are you surprised?

Her work is beautifully painted and loving and quirky.  We chatted, and she agreed!

Six months later and we have canvases.

Just a few to start.  You can see them online here.

 Peace by Shelly Penko

 Sitting on top of the Wool by Shelly Penko

 Journey of Sisterhood by Shelly Penko

 Tender Heart by Shelly Penko

Rooster by Shelly Penko

Each is different than the others.  So many styles and themes, it was hard to pick the first grouping.

I think I may have to stitch the rooster.  I've never wanted a rooster canvas but this one speaks to me.  This means a stitchguide could be coming soon -ish.

Check out Shelly's site.  Don't be surprised at how many cool things she has, not only paintings but fabrics and bed linens and iphone cases.  All kinds of great items.  I want them all. 

Let me know what you might like to see translated into needlepoint and check back here Sunday for a little Shelly surprise!

You know I love surprises.

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