Friday, February 28, 2014

Threads: A Needle Necessity

Let me tell you a story.  One crazy Friday, I'm late to the shop.  Imagine that.  I'm running around there's much going on and these two lovely ladies stop in to see me.  They were on a road trip to visit us!  They had been in our Color Party Club and wanted to show me what they had done with it.

I was blown away!  They had taken Color Party to an entirely new dimension!  They had researched!  Say it isn't so :-)  They tested the threads and studied how they worked and researched the meaning of the colors.  All of this was in a huge 3 ring binder!  Wow.  I was so impressed, and honored.  They took what I started to the next level.

This wasn't the only thing they done.  They mentioned researching threads for another book.  What a book it is! I quickly saw the potential here and knew that their hard work was something you would love.  

Please allow me to introduce you to Jane Evans and Liv Weiss.  They are stitchers.  They love threads and colors and have used the threads just as you will.  They have spent untold hours compiling the details of all the popular threads on the market. They researched and cataloged not only the obvious details; yardage, manufacturer, composition and number of colors but they detailed their thoughts after stitching with the threads. How many plies gives the best coverage on various canvas counts?  Will this thread even work on my canvas? They have shared their unbiased opinions of the strengths and challenges of each of these threads. This is truly a labor of love.  And I do mean labor.

Their book is now at the printer and is available for preorder.  I expect books in the shop in 2 weeks. 

I am honored that they allowed me to publish the book for them and that I can introduce you to their talents.  The book is a handy 5.5 x 8.5 size with one page per thread and lots of additional useful information including a chart at the back that sums it all up.  There is also a quick reference guide that is a stand-alone gem, to carry with you wherever you go; always at your side to answer thread questions in a flash.

Consider the guidelines in this book a starting point when shopping for threads or looking for comparable substitutions. Remember these are just guidelines; most threads can be used on any count canvas depending upon the result you are trying to achieve. You can and should try more plies or less plies. Experiment and make your own notes based upon your stitching style.

We hope you will enjoy this book and find it useful for years to come. Yes, there will be new threads and new volumes but these are the threads that we believe are the staples of our industry and
never go out of style.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Ruth, Jane and Liv

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