Sunday, March 02, 2014

The Spotlight is On!

We're working away on the Dog Walker Mystery Class.  It's coming together quickly.  Today was the second class and we focused on stitching the background and the woman's feet.

The background is a brand new laid filling stitching stitched entirely in metallic.  It's a pretty blue and it matches the paint on the canvas perfectly.   It sparkles, just like a spotlight is shining on the puppy.

Just look how it makes her eyes sparkle.

We also stitched the lady's shoe in basketweave and her sock in Knit Stitch.

One more lesson and she is complete.  Next up we will stitch her sweater, leash, bow in her hair and of course the lady's leggings.  I have some really cute embellishments that you are going to love.

See you soon.  xo

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