Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Pharoah Dog

The Pharoah Dog is the latest and greatest canvas from Tapesty Fair. 

Now you know my current love affair with Tapestry Fair canvases. First there was Bastet, the most beautiful Egyptian cat.

She was so fun to stitch.  Yes, a million beads, but what's not to like about a million beads on a black cat?  Now she has a playmate, a gorgeous Pharoah Dog!  So regal, so elegant.  

The stitchguide is complete. There are many similarities to Bastet, but the Pharoah Dog is his own man.  The Lotus pattern doesn't appear in the background of the dog since the pyramids are already painted there, but they are designed to be a handsome pair.

You can order the pharoah dog here.  Canvases should be here soon.

Bastet is available here

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