Monday, March 17, 2014

Swanky Cute!

Oh me.  Oh my.

I really have to say our little pup is the cutest ever!

Yesterday's class was mostly about her sweater.   We all love over dyes and I love it even more when I can use the crazy happy ones and get them to work!  This canvas was the perfect backdrop for Gloriana's Miami Deco. 

It was also a canvas that called for ribbon accents.  I love ribbons.  I know a lot of you do not share my love, but really, she needed a loopy trim on her sweater.

And I just love the two color ribbon roses on her sweater.  Ribbon roses are made just like corkscrew stitches.  Bring your needle threaded with ribbon up.  Twist, twist, twist, holding it tight.

 Fold the ribbon in half, allowing it to twist on itself.

Slowly pull it through the canvas and magically, a rose begins to bloom.

Stop pulling when the rose is just the right size and tack in place with a few stitches of invisible thread.  Pretty darn cute.

Our littlest staff member is off to the finisher.  She'll vacation there for a few months and then be back to strut her stuff in the shop.

If you missed this class and would like us to send it to you kitted, give us a call or order it here.

See you soon.  Next class is Bohemian Beauty.   Sign up here to join the party!

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