Friday, April 11, 2014

Bye Blue Finches

Love this! 

Bye Blue Finches by Eleanor Grosch.  Eleanor is a graphic designer with a unique style.  She translates animals and flowers into their most basic graphic shapes and magic happens.  Combine that with needlepoint stitches and even more magic happens.  We currently offer eight of her designs with more coming in the next few weeks!  Yay! You can see her canvases here.

Pat stitched Bye Blue Finches with Brenda Hart and these are the results!

The choice of stitches is superb as is the stitching.  We have the stitchguide ready so if these little birdies are tweeting to you, give us a call or order here.  They are perfect for Spring and check out the background.  No stitching!  Love that!

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