Saturday, June 07, 2014

A Sterling Opportunity for Fun

Just for fun, and just because, we had a Friday afternoon prize drawing yesterday.

Zecca graciously left us with a canvas kit to use as a drawing at the close of her trunkshow.  You know she loves her game boards, so this one is Poker Dice. You stitch a dice cup and then get to play poker dice!  Super fun!

We embellished the canvas with a few well-placed crystals.  A girl has to have her bling.  We added some black for the background and away we go.  I'm sure the winner has lots of threads in her stash to use on the colorful swirls.

Sterling, our official prize drawer was called to action to select the winner from all the Zecca fans who purchased canvases during the show.

And Devolyn is the winner!  Yay, Devolyn.

You never know what's going to happen in the store with the lime green walls.  Somedays we don't know either :-)

Wishing you a happy Saturday.

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