Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Mind is a Scary Place

And I only mean that in a good way.  The one and only Brenda Hart was here this weekend for 3 fun days of embellishment.

The goal of the embellishment classes it to get fresh new ideas.  That's exactly what you get from Brenda.

Two different people chose to work on this collage by Lani, so lots of areas were developed.

Brenda has a keen eye for selecting a simple open stitch that works magic over an entire block of the canvas with no color changes!

Both of these leaves look stunning with these patterns allowing the painting to show through.

The orchid in the center of the collage is going to be completely beaded!  All in one pretty shade of beads.

While we are on the topic of collages by Lani, Palma returned with her horse collage from the last class with areas complete to show Brenda and new areas to develop.

Everyone works hard in class and has a great time :-)

Brenda is the first to get silly.

Robin King, stitch guide writer, and Stacy Brown, owner of the Nimble Needle in Atlanta, came to class on Sunday.  I do wish they could have stayed longer.  Stacy is so sweet.  If I'm ever in GA you know I'm coming for a visit, and I want to meet her new kittens!  They look so cute!  

Robin worked on this pavilion by Colors of Praise.  Check out the edge of the roof.  Is that not the coolest!  Only Brenda would have thought that up, and only Robin would have had the patience to do it without complaining.

Do you see, Robin's mascot kitty on her table stand?  We wouldn't want her to miss her mews too much while she was away.

Stacy worked on this giant Joy Juarez fan canvas.  It's going to take awhile to finish but it will be spectacular.

Don't you just love what Wendy is doing with the Eleanor Grosch peacock?  The feathers are beaded!  So what's so special about that you ask?  Check out the beads, they are berry beads.  When you string them up, the bumps link together.  Pretty cool.

Mom has this Sharon G almost finished.  Just a few more details and it can be off to the framer.  Hint, hint. Mom if you were reading this you would laugh.

Here's another Joy Juarez canvas in progress.  Check out the water.  It's the perfect overdye.

Sue has a thing for dogs and cars.  So of course dogs in cars are a natural for her.  This Annie Lane will stitch up in no time flat! Once it has the fuzzy steering wheel cover and hanging dice from the rearview mirror it will be like no other.

Here we are after another fun filled weekend.  Brenda, Megan and I.

 Thanks for visiting everyone!

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