Monday, July 21, 2014

The Brilliance of Bargello

We were lucky to have Julia Snyder at the shop this weekend teaching her version of Bargello.  What fun we had!

Everyone picked their own canvas from the And More line.  Great sayings, great color!  Some even had custom sayings painted.

Once we started Julia sent everyone out into the wilds of the shop to select threads.  You have 2 colors of stripes, pick 4 different threads for each stripe but keep them parallel. If you use Floche for one color, select Floche for the other color.

Everyone could pick a different bargello pattern.

You could flip it.

You could continue it across the entire piece, changing colors as necessary.

You could do different patterns in each section.

You could even, are you ready for this?..... skip rows throughout your pattern. Pretty cool!

Here's the start of some of the canvases.

Julia's iBargello book has lots of fun patterns in it just waiting to be stitched.

And as a little surprise, Carol brought Polly to class to show us her leaves.  She added two more than I did.  Love it!!!

That's the magic of a two lesson mystery class and a week off from work.  She's finished!

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