Saturday, August 30, 2014

A little inspiration

It's been a busy week at B&B.  Geisha number two will be heading out to all of you next week.  Kits are packed and we are shipping.  We have new Kimberly Smith canvases that are a dream.  The final lesson of the playful squirrel is next week and with any luck the third installment of the count will be on it's way too.

With all that excitement I'm a little late posting pictures from Brenda's visit last week. So here goes....

Charley Harper birds....

The chefs have hats and aprons and don't you just love the mustache!

These Koi are going to be so elegant when finished.  
The center one is being changed to orange to match his colors in real life.

Love the flowers on the Halloween Basket by Melissa Shirley!

The truck is going to be a fancy one with cool trim along the back when finished.

Love the turtle's back!  Quick, easy and so effective.

Beverlee brought these fabulous metal beetles to class to add to her canvas.  So cool!

Everyone loves the Laurel Burch horses.
This version is going to be just as stunning as the last one.

Brenda loves designing small patterns to embellish fabrics.  A cross stitch here, a bead there.  a tent stitch and voila it's gorgeous.

So many inspirations.  Gotta get busy and stitch.  See you soon.
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