Friday, September 12, 2014

Gizmos and Gadgets

You know I love a gadget or a gizmo.

Just in we have new needle cases!  We haven't had cool needle cases in a long time.  Now we have fun blingy needle cases!

All cases are magnetized and have a pretty crystal charm on the front.  You know I love bling.

Call us and let us know which you would like or order on line here.

We also have combination cases that are magnetized on one side and have a sticky bead mat on the other. These are also available in all sorts of fun blingy-ness.  Here's the link for ordering these.

As long as we are on the subject of beads......  We have super cool new beading needle threaders.  I generally find needle threaders a challenge.  Too many moving parts.  But, there are days when the thread just won't go in a beading needle and for those days I love my beading needle threaders.  They have a little wire loop that you can insert in the needle, put the thread in the loop and voilá the needle is threaded.  The wire is crimped into the plastic holder nice and secure!  Each pack has two threaders in a little vinyl sleeve to keep them neat and tidy.  You know I aim for tidy.

You can order here.

That's my gizmo and gadget report for today.

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