Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gifts for the girls

So here it is October and time to seriously start thinking about your holiday gift giving.

There's always a few friends you want something a little different but not too expensive for.  Just a little something so that they know you thought of them.

We found this great line of trendy fashion forward bracelets that are so affordable you will want to stock up.

They are beautiful pieces of lace designed to be wrapped around your wrist and tied like so.

Here's where it gets super cool. They run from $10.50 to $32.00 each.  That's great, right?

We have all sorts of different colors and patterns so they are the perfect stocking stuffer.  But why not kick it up a notch and embellish the bracelets with beads, crystals and over dyed threads from your stash or ours. Now you have a truly unique gift that you have made for pennies.

Here's some of the groupings we put together.

The bracelets are made in Paris so what we have is what we have.  
We probably won't get another shipment in time for the holidays.

Call us at 410.296.0405 if you would like us to send you one or more.  

Talk to you soon.

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