Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Hallloween

Today is the day!  All the ghosts and goblins will come knocking at the door.  It's the perfect time for me to share lots of fun Halloween finishing.

Prepare to be overwhelmed.  This should have been several blog posts :-)

Frankie by Shelly Comiskey stitched by Ann
He's huge and fabulous!  He stands over 2 feet tall!!

Broom Parking by Share One's Ideas stitched by Angie!

Yolanda from Tapestry Fair stitched by Ann.

Raymond Crawford's Halloween letters finished as a screen.  Too cool!  Stitched by Patty.

Love these Halloween poison bottles as stitched bySuzy.

Kathy stitched this great skull by ryn in a class with Brenda Hart.

Catwalk by Shelly Tribbey, stitched by Linda

Hermina and the girls from the Artist Collection stitched by Ann.

Leigh witch stitched by Linda

Tapestry Fair mask stitched by Ann.

Thanks for visiting.  
To all the lovely ladies who stitched these incredible pieces thanks for letting me share your talent.

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