Sunday, November 02, 2014

The house, the grass, the ghosts, oh my!

Today was one of those days when lots of different details of the Haunted House came to life in class.

There really are a ton of details in this canvas.  I'm starting to wonder if we will solve all the mysteries of this canvas in two short weeks.

The haunted mansion is truly one of my favorite things about this canvas.  I had an idea to simply work outlines for the mansion in a fabulous over dyed thread.  It's just enough to bring it all into view!  At the same time it is spooky and sits safely in the distance at the top of the hill.  No need to plan different stitches and textures for all the sides and angles of the house.

The grass is RANDOM, meandering its way down the hill.  It's actually the same stitch that we used for the skirt on the Bohemian Beauty.

The graveyard is a new stitch, maybe it should have been used for all the grass?  Maybe it is perfect this way?  You choose.

The ghosts glow eerily in the dark.  

For a little easy gratification, the bricks are simple Diagonal Long Stitch with a fabulous overdye!

Phew!  That's a lot for one day.

We wrap this all up in two weeks.  See you then.

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