Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Magic of Meredith

Meredith Willet was here last weekend and the time just flew.  We had a great embellishment class with great canvases and great stitchers.

Here's how it works.  When you sign up for a Meredith class at Bedecked and Beadazzled you select your canvas 3 months ahead of time.  We send a color copy to Meredith so that she can start plotting. And I do mean plotting.  The ideas are masterful and varied.

She comes to class prepared with a few stitches for everyone, just enough to get you started.  Throughout the 2 days of class she demonstrates and designs more stitches and generally works magic.

You may get your entire canvas stitch guided, you may not.  It really depends upon how many areas the canvas has.  You definitely get lots of stitches.

This weekend's class turned out to be a lot of canvases with a crazy amount of stitches. Really crazy.  I think we counted 72 areas on the Melissa Shirley pink floral.  Needless to say that will be coming back for another visit but Susan has plenty to do on it and I'm in love with it.  Do you think she will let it grace the walls of the store when it's finished if I say pretty please?

Check out the burden stitch on the flower petals - 
long stitches of metallic overstitched with silk.  YUMMY!

And the sweet ribbon flowers.

Carol is working on the Zecca Blue Crane. Meredith designed wonderful new stitches for the body and wings of the bird.  Love them.

Kate's dog Monte is  a dear, he was in charge of supervising stitch selection on Carol's canvas. He wanted to make sure his new friend was getting just the right stitches.

Mom has started another cat canvas.  Is there anything wrong with that?  
She has great stitches for the sofa the cat is sitting on 
and I love love love the repousse tail on the wind up mouse.  

Repousse is fun with big results.  In this case, she anchored several strands of Perle Cotton and then wrapped them with silk. As you move down the length of the tail you cut outdone strains of Perle Cotton at a time to make the bundle, aka the tail skinnier as you go.  Genius!

I love how this canvas is coming out.  Check out the woven sandals.....

Carol is working on a wonderful Sandy Gilmore canvas.  It is going to be stunning.  The aloe plant in the foreground is attached and detached needle weaving.  When creating the leaf on the left, three long stitches were laid in place for the sides and center vein of the leaf, they are then woven together.  To work detached you must first create a loop that will be the outside edges of your leaf and tie that to your canvas.  The center vein becomes the weaving thread.  When complete, you snip your tie down thread and viola the leaf is dimensional.  

Another of Meredith's oh so brilliant ideas was to cover the canvas you are working on with plastic wrap.  As you stitch, you cover and uncover areas of the canvas so that your beautiful silk threads don't drag on the canvas and snag.  Pretty darn cool.

There were many other demos - bullion knots and or nué to name a few.

Thank you Meredith for sharing your knowledge with us.  We can't wait until you return!


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