Friday, January 02, 2015


Oh my, how fun is this!

Sometimes life throws a person in your path that you know is magic.

And sometimes that magic is a new artist for fabulously fun needlepoint canvases.

Welcome to the fun world of designs by lulu mypinkturtle.

Yes, you read me right, her name is lulu mypinkturtle.  I really do just love saying that.  It's fun.  It makes me smile.

And then you see her art.  It's quirky and oh so fun to stitch.  Look at all the patterns ad spots for embellishment.  Yes, we have guides in the works for some of these.  Pictures are coming..... Of course you could also just basket weave them to your hearts content.

All are available on the website here.

Could someone please give me a few more days in the week so that I could stitch more?  Tonight I think I want to stitch the red haired with with her cat.  Love the polka dot clouds.

Oh wait, maybe I really want to stitch the girl with the sun shining on her hair with the birds.

Or maybe I should just stitch the pink sassy girl with her cat.  You know that's my alter ego right?

Whichever I choose it will be a blast!

Thanks for visiting.

1 comment:

karen said...

The mermaids! I want to stitch the mermaids!

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