Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sandy in Wonderland

Join us April 18 and 19 for a Wonderland inspired weekend.

Sandra Arthur will be here to make us giggle and have a wonderful time in Wonderland.  Over the course of two days she will walk us through the stitches and techniques used in both The Queen the The Lady Hatter interpreted from art by Sandra Vargas.  You may choose to stitch either or both canvases.

Handpainted on 18ct mono and a petite 8" x 10" these are fun and quick canvases to stitch.  Just look at how open those backgrounds are!

Class fee is $350 for both days and includes lunch and dessert.  Kit fee is additional and will be determined by options selected.

Class size is limited, give us a call to register at 410.296.0405.

1 comment:

Christine Norton said...

These canvases make me SWOON!!! So fun...and the stitches are AMAZING!!!


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