Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Swirling Snowmen

Happy Snowmen, dressed for the cold, playing in the snow.  Ignoring what may be outside your door it's a fun happy canvas.

The canvas is by Ewe & Eye with stitch guide by yours truly, we offered this class last weekend.  Everyone had a great time.  There is nothing better than friends stitching together.  Even with threat of real snow most of the ladies came from out of state.  Thank you for coming!

Carol Eix of snap tray fame thought it was a formal occasion.  I never stopped teasing her about that. Truly she was just cold and how often do you get to wear a stole?

Couldn't resist snapping this pic of Nancy.  She looked so cute with her pink bags of purchases.

I even got a few stitches in on the Zecca retreat piece from last year!  I am determined to finish that one.  It's another happy fun canvas.

Thanks again everyone for supporting what I love to do.  Love you all.



Margaret said...

Believe me, we love to watch you doing what you love to do. You do it so very well.

Ruth Schmuff said...

thank you!

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